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Cruisin' Downriver, also called the Downriver Dream Cruise, is an annual event in the southern suburbs of Detroit modeled after. and inspired by, the Woodward Dream Cruise, which also takes place in suburban Detroit, wherein people with vintage, classic, tricked-out, or otherwise interesting cars drive them up M-85 (Fort Street) to show them off to crowds of onlookers. The cruise takes place in June and is widely publicized by the Downriver community. The event was spearheaded by state Rep. Edward Clemente (D-Lincoln Park), who was the chamber president at the time, Donald W. Thurlow, former News-Herald publisher and Evelyn Cairns, former News-Herald lifestyle editor. Cairns first conceived Cruisin' Downriver in 2000 after being told by her son Glen that the Woodward Dream Cruise was too far for him to be able to take his Ford Model A. Ultimately, the first edition was held that year and was attended by around 200,000 people.[1]

The cruise stretches between Sibley Road in Riverview and Outer Drive in Lincoln Park and additionally passes through the cities of Southgate and Wyandotte. However, only Lincoln Park, Southgate and Wyandotte have participated in every edition as of 2014, as Riverview decided not to participate in the 2013 edition due to major construction on Fort Street.[2] That year, the cruise instead ended just north of Pennsylvania Road in Southgate.


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