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Crusher, Inc.
Industry RSVP
Founded August 2006
Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA
Key people

Ericson deJesus
Russell Richardson,
Phillip Bensaid,
Doug McBride

Revenue none (2008)

Crusher was a free web-based invitation service, a competitor to Evite,[1] based in San Francisco, California. Crusher was a utility in the creation of customizable invites for art, music, film events, or just a party.

Crusher Inc. began roughly in August 2006 and launched its beta service in May 2007. Crusher was conceived out of the frustrations of using Evite and a clear lack of alternatives. It was founded by Ericson deJesus (of Yahoo! and frog design) and Phillip Bensaid (of frog design) and its beta development was led by Doug McBride (of Ofoto) and Russell Richardson (of Microsoft and Siebel). By early 2008 the Crusher team has disbanded to take on other employment. In late 2009, Michael Dungan joined Ericson deJesus in continuing the development of Crusher.[2][3][4][5]


A person wishing to create an online event invitation was able to use the service - even without having signed up for a membership. The event organizer customized the features and design of the event page, then sends out email invites. A guest is able to RSVP using a unique slider widget with an array of nine responses (impossible, raincheck, not likely, play it by ear, undecided, will try to, yes I plan to, count me in, will be early) which are customizable by the user as well.


• Invite emails contain all core event information and does not require guests to visit the website.

• Invitees are automatically added to a contacts list and tagged with the event title.

• Organizer can limit the maximum number of guest RSVP's.

• Organizer can control how guests appear on the guest list by uploading photos of guests.

• Organizer can send announcements scoped to a particular invitee set.

• Organizer can create a list which guests can claim items from to bring.

• Layout and visual customization, full CSS editing.

• Integration with Google Maps, Google Calendar, Flickr photos, and PayPal.

• Guests can see which other guests have crossed their path via "familiar faces".

• Organizer can customize RSVP slider responses by entering their own text.

• Organizer can track the status of their sent invitations via a guest list spreadsheet.


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