Crustless bread

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Crustless bread
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Crustless bread is bread without crusts. Panko is made from such a bread, which is produced by passing an electric current through the dough.[1] British food group RHM manufacture a crustless bread targeted at children called Hovis Invisible Crust, which is produced by baking the bread at low temperature.[2] Other bread manufacturers have released crustless bread, with the crusts removed. Sara Lee and Ironkids also have a crustless bread product.[clarification needed]

Significant nutritional loss results from omitting crusts from bread. Bread crusts are very high in fiber and antioxidants, and contain a greater concentration of vitamins and minerals than the inner portion of the bread. [3] Crusts from darker breads, in particular, contain higher amounts of these nutrients such as pronyl-lysine,[4] an antioxidant shown to inhibit colon cancer.