Cruz Hernández

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Cruz Hernández
Born Cruz Hernández Rivas
(1878-05-03)May 3, 1878 (claimed)
Died March 8, 2007(2007-03-08)
(aged 128 years, 309 days)

Cruz Hernández Rivas of San Agustín, Usulután in El Salvador (claimed May 3, 1878 – March 8, 2007[1]) was a claimant to the title of world's oldest person. In May 2006 it was claimed that she was the world's oldest person, a claim reportedly confirmed in 'national birth records',[1] after a government investigation in 2005,[2] but not officially confirmed via the Guinness World Records or the Gerontology Research Group at the UCLA School of Medicine. At the time of her death she was allegedly 128, which, if true, would make her among a number of plausible contenders to replace Jeanne Calment (the official recordholder) by 6–8 years (see Maria Olivia da Silva).

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