Crying Sun Records

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Crying Sun Records
Founded 1996
Founder Radio Birdman
Genre Indie rock/Garage rock
Country of origin Australia
Location Sydney, New South Wales

Crying Sun Records is the privately owned record company by Australian rock band Radio Birdman. Only a few albums have been released by this label including Radio Birdman's 1996 live album, Ritualism[1] and their 2006 reunion album, Zeno Beach.[2][3]

The label is named after the song "Crying Sun" by Radio Birdman on their 1981 studio album, Living Eyes. Crying Sun Records were originally based around Radio Birdman owned music venue turned bar, The Oxford Funhouse.[4][5] Crying Sun Records was created by the band in association with Citadel Records to handle all the band's current and future recorded work. It was created to ensure that the band would be completely independent of record industry support or influence. This is seen as essential to maintaining the band's commitment to quality and fairness for the people who choose to listen.[6]

The Crying Sun Records logo was designed by Radio Birdman bass player, Warwick Gilbert.[7]

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