Crystal Lake Community Consolidated School District 47

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The logo of District 47.

Crystal Lake Community Consolidated School District 47 is a district containing elementary and middle schools and serving Crystal Lake, Illinois and some of Lake in the Hills. The current Superintendent is Dr. Kathy Hinz


Elementary schools[edit]

  • North Elementary School
  • South Elementary School
  • West Elementary School
  • John L. Husmann Elementary School
  • Canterbury Elementary School
  • Coventry Elementary School
  • Woods Creek Elementary School
  • Indian Prairie Elementary School
  • Glacier Ridge Elementary School

Middle schools[edit]

Richard F. Bernotas Middle School[edit]

Richard F. Bernotas Middle School is a middle school in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Its first name was North Junior High, but recently, it was dedicated to Richard F. Bernotas. Lori Sorensen is currently the principal of the school, with Charmian Fletcher and Scott Meyer as assistant principals. A recent addition to the school expanded it and added a large multipurpose room which is mainly used as a cafeteria. Bernotas Middle School has a television news show that informs all students about upcoming events and other announcements every morning. The news anchors are all students, but teachers sometimes speak as well. There are about 1000 students in it. Bernotas's sports teams go under the "Bernotas Vikings". Their mascot is Thor, represented by a viking. The school colors are blue and gold. Unlike the three middle schools in the district, RFB has its own unique school song, and not a rewrite of lyrics. It also has the largest Asian/Pacific Islander group in the 3 middle schools at 4% of all students.

Leon J. Lundahl Middle School[edit]

Leon J. Lundahl Middle School is a middle school in Crystal Lake, Illinois. It was built in 1958-1959 and was first opened to students in September 1959. The building was then called South Junior High School. In 1962, South Junior High School received its first addition, housed grades 78, and increased in population. In 1966, South Junior High was renamed Lundahl Junior High School in honor of Leon J. Lundahl, the retiring Superintendent of Schools for District 47, whose portrait hangs in the main foyer.

In 1974, a new addition including a new gymnasium, learning center, locker room area, and science complex was opened. Mr. Richard Carlstedt became principal in 1989. In 1990-91, a new north end classroom addition, cafeteria, locker room area, and second gymnasium were added to the Lundahl campus. The school became an accredited middle school in the spring of 1995 when its name was officially changed to Lundahl Middle School Campus for the opening of the 1996-97 school year. Starting in the 2008-2009 school year, the current principal is Mr. Matthew Grubbs.

Hannah Beardsley Middle School[edit]

Hannah Beardsley Middle School is a middle school in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Its namesake, Hannah Beardsley, was the first school teacher in the Crystal Lake area, who taught the children of early settlers in a one-room log cabin school from 1838 to 1840. A portrait of her hangs in the current school building outside the entrance to the main library. HBMS opened in 1996 to accommodate Crystal Lake's burgeoning population, which had been fueled mostly by an influx of middle-class families from Chicago during the 1990s. When it first opened, Beardsley was already close to capacity. Rising enrollment necessitated the construction of an additional wing of classrooms on the building's upper floor, which was completed in 2000. Present enrollment is over 1100 students in grades 6 through 8. Mrs. Stacy Graff is currently the principal of HBMS, and Mr. Ron Ludwig has retired as of the 2013-2014 school year; he worked at HBMS since the school first opened. Beardsley's sports teams compete as the Beardsley Bears, and its school colors are blue and orange.


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