Cù Lao Ré volcanic islands

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Cu Lao Re Group
Satellite photo of Cu Lao Re by NASA
Elevation 181 m (594 ft)[1]
Location Northeast of Quang Ngai, Vietnam
Coordinates 15°23′N 109°07′E / 15.38°N 109.12°E / 15.38; 109.12
Type Volcanic field
Age of rock Holocene
Last eruption Unknown

Cù-Lao Ré is a volcanic field northeast of Quảng Ngãi, Vietnam. The field consists of 13 volcanic cones; four subaerial and nine submarine. Three of the subaerial cones formed the Cù-Lao Ré Island, while the fourth one formed the Cù-Lao Bai Island.[1]

The Culao Re islands were used as a geographical landmark for navigation by Admiral Zheng He's crew during the 15th-century treasure voyages.[2]

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