Cuban general election, 1912

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General elections were held in Cuba on 1 November 1912.[1] Mario García Menocal won the presidential election running under the Conjunción Patriótica banner (an alliance of the National Conservative Party and independents), whilst the alliance also emerged as the largest faction in the House of Representatives, winning 26 of the 50 seats.



Candidate Party Votes %
Mario García Menocal Conjunción Patriótica 195,504
Alfredo Zayas y Alfonso Liberal Party 180,640
Invalid/blank votes -
Source: Nohlen


Party Votes % Seats
Conjunción Patriótica 11
Liberal Party 2
Invalid/blank votes - -
Total 13
Source: Nohlen

House of Representatives[edit]

Party Votes % Seats
Conjunción Patriótica¹ 26
Liberal Party 24
Invalid/blank votes - -
Total 50
Source: Nohlen

¹ Of the Conjunción Patriótica's 26 seats, 18 were won by the National Conservative Party and 8 by the National Liberal Party.


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