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Tom Wright, also known as Cube::Hard, Stargazer, and under a number of other aliases, is an English music engineer and Record producer who has produced many records and remixes. Originally from Kent, England, he is currently taking a break from making music, though he was prolific as a producer leading up to his days working for RFUGrey in the late 2000s. His most current (known) alias is Stereo Wildlife.


Wright first got into DJing in 1993, and moved on to music production in 1999, now stating "I'd rather make tracks than DJ because anyone can DJ".[1]

His first releases were on Elation Recordings label under the alias Stargazer, and he had soon also released vinyl under his own label Phase Four. By 2002 he was making remixes for DJ Uplift's popular hardcore label Raw Elements while the Stargazer tracks Released and Ultimate High were gaining recognition and being remixed by popular producers such as CLSM and Breeze & Styles, and the Stargazer moniker quickly became a respected name in the UK hardcore scene. A series of popular remixes for tracks such as Undefined and John Peel (Not Enough) established him a place as one of the hottest (and youngest) producers in hardcore.

Wright dropped the Stargazer alias in 2005 for Cube::Hard, stating it as a sign of a migration away from a career based mostly on engineering hardcore tracks.[1] Some of his recent releases and "projects" on RFUGrey evidence his diversifying interests.

Though still considered a relatively new "artist", Cube::Hard quickly became well-known moniker in hardcore circles. Tracks featuring Cube::Hard appear in no less than five places on the most recent Bonkers release, one of the most popular and long-running hardcore compilations in the UK. His tracks have also recently appeared in recent popular Hardcore Heaven and Wow (What A Rush) compilations.


All of Wright's production and engineering is PC-based, and he assembles his tracks using Cubase.[1] He has a BTEC in music technology, and contributes to his tracks variously as a keyboardist, drummer, and singer (notably with his recent track Micro).

He often works closely with many of the biggest names in UK hardcore,[citation needed] notably Kevin Energy and Jon Doe (of CLSM). Of Jon Doe, Wright says, "I look up to Jon because he does the stuff I enjoy most in the scene and he is the one person who has given me real competition."[1]

Summary of releases[edit]

The following is a list of labels with contributions from Cube::Hard and his other aliases, not including those part of CD compilations. Tracks on some labels lack proper credentials and thus have not been included in this list.

As Cube::Hard

  • RFUGrey
  • Nukleuz
  • Nu Energy
  • D
  • Dusk Till Dawn
  • Whojamaflip
  • Indiscriminate Records
  • Madcow Records
  • CLSM
  • Lucky Breaks Records
  • Hardcore Collections
  • Bedlam Records
  • Turbulence Hardcore

As Stargazer

  • Coriolis Effect Records
  • Raw Elements
  • Indiscriminate Records
  • G-Core
  • Underground Recordings
  • KFX
  • Relentless Vinyl
  • Elation Recordings
  • Phase 4 Records
  • Innervision Records

As Tom Wright

  • Electrolysis Recordings
  • RFU Grey
  • Electronic Recordings
  • Digital Beatz
  • Coriolis Effect Records
  • Innervision Records


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