Cubic (TV series)

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Starring Tanin Manoonsilp
Chalida Vijitvongthong
Country of origin Thailand Thailand
Original language(s) Thai
Location(s) Thailand
Original channel Channel 3
Original release 2014

Cubic (Thai: คิวบิก) is a Thai drama that stars Tanin Manoonsilp and Chalida Vijitvongthong.[1] It aired on Channel 3 on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 March 2014 to 12 April 2014 .


Ruthainak (Chalida Vijitvongthong) is the smart, resilient, sharp-tongued younger sister. Her older sister, Nunthaka (Selina Pearce), is beautiful, but spoiled and sheltered. In financial difficulties, the girls' father asks a member of the Hong Kong mafia, Lin Lang Sur (Tanin Manoonsilp), for a large loan. He pledges Nunthaka as collateral to secure the debt. Panicked when he is unable to repay the money, he flees with Nunthaka. When Ruthainak is taken to Hong Kong to confront the furious mafioso, she offers to work to pay off her family's debt. In the beginning, Ruthainak and Lin Lang Sur don't get along, but slowly the mob boss begins to fall for the clever girl.