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Company / developer Cubuntu, Eric Kranich
OS family Unix-like
Working state Active
Source model A mix of free and open-source software and proprietary software
Initial release 29 April 2012; 2 years ago (2012-04-29)
Latest release Cubuntu 14.04 ("Trusty") / April 17, 2014; 3 months ago (2014-04-17)
Available in French
Package manager dpkg
Supported platforms x86-64
Kernel type Monolithic (Linux)
Userland GNU
Default user interface 14.04 Cinnamon
License Mainly GPL and various other free software licenses, plus freeware under proprietary licenses
Official website

Cubuntu is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution[1] for desktop and laptop computers that uses the Cinnamon interface in place of Ubuntu's Unity interface. Designed to be easy to install and use, by default Cubuntu includes and mix of free software and non-free proprietary software, including proprietary drivers and the freeware Google Chrome browser.


Cubuntu was started in 2012 by Eric Kranich in France as a non-official Ubuntu derivative.[2][3][4] Kranich preferred the Cinnamon interface over Unity and decided to develop a derivative using Cinnamon.[5] Cinnamon was originally created by Clément Lefèbvre for Linux Mint and then recompiled for use in other distributions. Since its inception Cubuntu has also offered additional desktops including Openbox, GNOME Shell and Unity.

Cubuntu has some popularity in its native France, and has come pre-installed on laptops there.[6] Cubuntu is in limited use with an estimated 36,000 downloads by sourceforge[7] As a result, Cubuntu is a relatively unknown Linux distribution.


Cubuntu includes the entire Ubuntu operating system.[8] plus additional non-free software such as Google Chrome and Skype.[9] Cubuntu also includes many non-free drivers for wireless cards and an MS-DOS converter.[10]

Cubuntu also offers many non-free software packages, such as MP3, DivX codecs, Adobe Flash Player and drivers for NVIDIA graphics cards.[9]

Cubuntu installs as a single language, French-only operating system, although other language packs can be added[11]after installation.[12]


Cubuntu 14.04 with Unity
Release no longer supported Release still supported Beta release Future release
Version Nickname Interfaces Linux kernel Based upon Ubuntu Release date Architecture
v83 Precise Unity, Cinnamon, Gnome-shell 3.02 12.04 LTS 28 April 2012 x86 & AMD64
v107 Saucy Unity, Cinnamon, Openbox, Gnome-shell 3.11 13.10 30 October 2013 x86 & AMD64
v172a[13] Trusty LTS Unity, Cinnamon, Openbox, Gnome-shell 3.14 14.04 LTS 25 April 2014 AMD64

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