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Sir Cuda Ratwatte Adigar was a Ceylonese, the first elected mayor of Kandy, first person from Kandy to be awarded a knighthood from the British and was appointed to the post of Adigar.

Born to Abeyratne Banda Ratwatte Basnayake and Thalgahagoda Lewke Punchi Kumarihamy, he was educated at Trinity College, Kandy. His brothers were Barnes Ratwatte Dissawa and Harris Leuke Ratwatte both members of the State Council of Ceylon. He was the uncle of Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias Bandaranaike. He married Chitravo Katugaha Kumarihamy and had ten children including Stanley Ratwatte, J C Ratwatte II, A.C.L. Ratwatte, MBE who was the former Ceylon's High Commissioner in Ghana.

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