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CudaMail Spam Filtering Service
Type Private
Industry Telecommunication
Founded 2000
Headquarters Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Key people Bording Ostergaard (Mng. Partner),
Blair Zingle (CEO)
Scott Young (COO)
Products Spam Filtering
MX Backup
Employees 20

CudaMail is a privately held company providing spam filtering and MX Backup services as cloud-based solutions for clients that do not want their own physical products. It provides a cloud-based service that filters email spam and malware before it gets to the client's mail server.


The company was born out of necessity when the parent company (which is a reseller for many network security products including Barracuda Networks) had to take steps to filter out its own spam.

After creating a group of Barracuda Spam Firewalls in their datacenter, and making it redundant they saw a huge decrease in the incoming spam and malware problem.

Soon after, they experienced many of their customers asking about "non-appliance based" spam filtering solutions, and began adding them to their own system.

In the following years, they created multiple datacenters, in different cities, and then surrounded the system with a pre-filter that leveraged known spammer's domains and I.P. addresses.

At that point, the service had been branded CudaMail and was operating as a wholly owned wing of Optrics Engineering.


  • Spam Filtering Service - In 2000, Optrics announced its CudaMail spam filtering service as a cloud-based option for customers that either did not have their own datacenters, or I.T. staff for operating their own physical spam filter.
  • MX Record Backup Service - In 2001, CudaMail announced its MX Backup service as a way for clients to add a secondary MX record so that their email would continue to be received in the event that their mail server went down.