Culebrinas River

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Culebrinas River (Río Culebrinas)
Culebrinas River.jpg
Looking south, the Culebrinas River and valley just west of the municipality of Moca. Summer 2008.
Country United States
Region Puerto Rico
 - coordinates 18°16′21″N 66°53′39″W / 18.27250°N 66.89417°W / 18.27250; -66.89417
Mouth Mona Passage
 - elevation 0 ft (0 m)
 - coordinates 18°24′21″N 67°10′37″W / 18.40583°N 67.17694°W / 18.40583; -67.17694Coordinates: 18°24′21″N 67°10′37″W / 18.40583°N 67.17694°W / 18.40583; -67.17694
Length 25 mi (40.2 km)
Basin 105 sq mi (272 km2)

The Culebrinas River (Spanish: Río Culebrinas; pron. koo-le-BREE-nahs), is a river in northwest Puerto Rico. It originates in southwestern Lares and flows for 25 miles (40 km) till it empties into the Mona Passage south of downtown Aguadilla.

Variant names[edit]

  • Río Culebrinas
  • Rio Culebrinas
  • Rio de Colovrinas[1]


Christopher Columbus is said to have anchored and come ashore near the mouth of the Culebrinas River in 1493. A stone cross monument was erected to mark the site, but it was destroyed by the 1918 Puerto Rico earthquake.[3][4]


In 2007, Tropical Storm Olga caused flooding on the river, forcing an evacuation.[5]


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