Culinary Heritage of Switzerland

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Kulinarisches Erbe der Schweiz
Patrimoine culinaire suisse
Patrimonio culinario svizzero
Patrimoni culinar svizzer
Web address
Commercial? No
Available in German, French, Italian, Romansh
Owner Culinary Heritage of Switzerland Association
Created by Stéphane Boisseaux, Franziska Schürch, Heike Zimmermann, Alexandra M. Rückert and others
Launched 9 December 2008

The Culinary Heritage of Switzerland (German: Kulinarisches Erbe der Schweiz, French: Patrimoine culinaire suisse, Italian: Patrimonio culinario svizzero, Romansh: Patrimoni culinar svizzer) is a partially multilingual online encyclopedia of traditional Swiss food and produce.


The project was initiated through a parliamentary motion of Swiss member of the parliament Josef Zisyadis in 2000.[1] After obtaining CHF 2 million of funding by the Swiss federal government, the Swiss cantons and private sponsors,[2] the private association "Culinary Heritage of Switzerland" was founded in 2003.

The association hired a team of researchers, including ethnologists and historians, to write the articles and carry out field research by interviewing Swiss bakers, butchers, cultural historians, archivists and farmer's wives.[1] It made the encyclopedia, with an initial scope of some 400 articles, available to the public on 9 December 2008 at no charge.[3]


To be included in the association's database, a food must be recognised as traditionally Swiss, have been produced for at least 40 years and remain in production.[1] The project's scope is limited to processed foodstuffs, such as cheeses or meat products. It does not include unprocessed food (with a few exceptions), wines, recipes or dishes.


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