Cultural depictions of Henry IV of England

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Henry IV of England has been depicted in popular culture a number of times.


Almost two hundred years after his death, Henry became the subject of two plays by William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 1 and Henry IV, Part 2, as well as featuring prominently in Richard II. As the Earl of Derby, he is also a character in Gordon Daviot's play Richard of Bordeaux.

He is also a main character in Sara Douglass's The Crucible Trilogy, a work of historical fiction.


Henry has been portrayed on screen by:


Henry has been portrayed a number of times on television, mainly in versions of Shakespeare's plays. In this context he has been played by:

Henry has also been played on television by:

  • Ralph Truman in a BBC adaptation of Richard of Bordeaux (1938)
  • John Arnatt in another BBC adaptation of Richard of Bordeaux (1955)


  • Henry was played by Barry Smith in a straight-to-video film adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard the Second (2001).
  • Paul Shenar played him in an American video Richard II (1982), in an Elizabethan style stage production of the play.