List of cultural icons of Russia

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This is a list of cultural icons of Russia. It contains the most important symbols of Russia, including its national symbols and symbols associated with various aspects of the Russian culture.



Russian art movements: Constructivism (art and architecture), Cubo-Futurism, Naryshkin Baroque, Neo-primitivism, Nonconformism, Petrine Baroque, Postconstructivism, Rayonism, Russian avant-garde, Russian neoclassical revival, Russian Revival, Russian Symbolism, Suprematism, Socialist realism, Stalinist Empire style

Russian artistic groups: ASNOVA, Donkey's Tail, Jack of Diamonds, Mitki, OSA Group, Peredvizhniki, VKhUTEMAS

Buildings and structures[edit]

Emblems and Symbols[edit]


Industry, science[edit]


Russian literature movements: Acmeism, Ego-Futurism, Imaginism, Russian futurism, Russian symbolism

Russian literature groups: Arzamas Society, LEF, Serapion Brothers


see also: Russian Opera, Russian Orthodox bell ringing, Russian rock

Russian music instruments: Balalaika, Bayan, Domra, Garmon, Gusli, Russian guitar, Treshchotka, Svirel



Television, radio, film, animation[edit]

Theatre, circus[edit]

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