Cultural suppression

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Cultural suppression occurs when a culture is suppressed, usually coinciding with the promotion of another culture. It is often related to cultural imperialism.

The person of the suppressed culture either seeks a foreign culture to adopt or creates a new one to replace it. The psychological effects of the former is a sense of alienation within the person of the suppress culture due to a constant internalization of the fact that he/she has leeched on to a culture, that is not truly theirs.

This leaves the person hating the suppressor and longer the person accepts the foreign culture without internalization, the more severe the alienation if the individual begins to feel he/she does not belong. Usually, cultural suppression occurs when a nation wants to discredit another nation's historical significance in order to perpetuate imperialist ideas and their own culture.


  • Raiding and burning national libraries of another culture.
  • Destroying significant artifacts of another culture.
  • Suppressing information about another culture's accomplishments.
  • Removing people from their native milieu and cutting off their ties to it.

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