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Cum may refer to:

  • A Latin word, which can be either the preposition with or a conjunction meaning when, because, or although.
    • An English linking word, derived from the Latin word for 'with.' It is used in many place names in England as well as in everyday English - e.g. Prestwich-cum-Oldham
    • cum tempore (with time); notation used at universities in German, Austrian, Swiss and Scandinavian countries for starting 15 minutes late.
    • Referring to diplomas and degrees: cum laude (with praise), magna cum laude (with great praise); maxima cum laude (with maximal praise); summa cum laude (with highest praise); egregia cum laude (with outstanding praise)
  • A sexual term, meaning to orgasm, also spelt "come"
  • "Cum", a song by Mykki Blanco from the 2012 EP Mykki Blanco & the Mutant Angels

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