Cumberland Basin (London)

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Cumberland Basin (or Cumberland Market Basin) was a canal basin near to Euston railway station in London, England and a part of the Regent's Canal.

The basin and associated works were authorised in 1813[1] to serve Cumberland Market and New Road (now Euston Road), and closed in 1942.[1]

Cumberland Arm[edit]

Cumberland Arm
Regent's Canal, towards Paddington Basin
Cumberland Turn,Regent's Canal towards Limehouse
Present stub-end. Floating restaurant
Site of London Zoo
A4201 bridge, still remaining
Cumberland Basin

The Cumberland Arm (or Cumberland Market Branch) was a 1-kilometre (0.6 mi) long stretch of canal that connected Cumberland Basin to the Regent's Canal( which passes through the present site of the car park of London Zoo). The Cumberland Turn junction with the Regent's Canal is still visible with the short stub-end of the arm remaining housing the Feng Shang Floating Restaurant.

During the war, the arm was used to supply water to fire pumps attending fires through the West End. By 1948 the arm and basin were filled in with rubble from demolished buildings following World War II.[2]

Historical remains[edit]

Some street lamps associated with the arm remain on Gloucester Gate Bridge[3] above the Main Line of the Regent's Canal just west of Cumberland Turn.


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Coordinates: 51°31′49″N 0°08′33″W / 51.5302°N 0.1425°W / 51.5302; -0.1425