Curious George Goes to the Hospital

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Curious George Goes to the Hospital
Author H. A. Rey
Margret Rey
Country United States
Language English
Series Curious George
Genre Children's literature
Publisher Houghton Mifflin
Publication date
Media type Print
Preceded by Curious George Learns the Alphabet

Curious George Goes to the Hospital is a children's book written and illustrated by Margret Rey and H. A. Rey and published by Houghton Mifflin in 1966. It is the seventh and final book in the original Curious George series, and tells the story of George's experiences in a hospital after swallowing a jigsaw puzzle piece. The book was written to ease the way for hospital-bound children.[1]


George and the man with the yellow hat assemble a jigsaw puzzle but George swallows a puzzle piece. At the hospital, George is taken to the operating room and the jigsaw piece is removed. The following morning, George has ice cream, and cheers the children in the ward with his antics. George takes a wild ride in a wheelchair, crashes into the meal cart, and is sent soaring into the air. A sad little girl in the children's ward laughs for the first time. George is discharged, and at home he opens a package sent by his nurse. It contains the puzzle piece. He puts it into the jigsaw puzzle and the picture is complete.


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