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Currency in economics may refer to:

  • Currency, the paper or non-metal circulating medium of exchange of a country, banknotes
  • Currency, all circulating media of exchange of a particular government, both banknotes and coin
  • Currency, may refer to any generally accepted medium of exchange, including non-physical media, thus used as synonym for money
  • Currency may refer to a particular authorized monetary system, monetized in specific units (euros, dollars, pesos, etc.) which may be given international value by their exchange values in foreign exchange

Currency may also refer to:

  • Currency (album), an album by the rapper Lil' Keke
  • Currency (film), a 2009 Malayalam film by Swathy Bhaskar
  • Currency (lads and lasses), colonial-born Australians
  • Currency Magazine, a monthly magazine covering hip-hop music, fashion, and culture
  • Currency (typography), character used to denote a currency
  • Currensy (born 1981), American rapper
  • Currency, the aviation concept of the ability to perform certain types of flight operations and procedures by having regularly trained for them.
  • Currency, the practice of keeping well trained and practiced in the current methods and practices of a Physician's chosen medical specialty.

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