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Cursinho (in Portuguese, "little course", also called curso pré-vestibular) is a type of cram school, in general private, existing in many Brazilian cities, and attended by students who are trying to enter the university via the entrance exams (vestibular).[1][2] Cursinhos always have extensive and semi-extensive courses, extensive courses taking place during most of the year, and semi-extensive ones taking place during the second semester, while the exact month to start can be variable.

Most of the Cursinhos revise the subjects that the students need to know to take the vast majority of the vestibulares: Mathematics, Portuguese language (literature and grammar), History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English language. Some still offer extra classes for deeper studies on specific subjects, current news (which may be required in some of the vestibulares) and techniques on writing an essay, which is required in all vestibulares.

It is also common to separate the students by the area of knowledge they wish to study in the university (humanities, exact sciences and biological sciences), providing a deeper study in different subjects accordingly with the area (History and Geography; Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry; Biology and Chemistry respectively, with similar focus on Portuguese and English for all groups).


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