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Dr. J. Curtis Frazier is an American surgeon and politician from Springfield, Missouri. [1] He was the vice-presidential candidate of the Constitution Party in the U.S. presidential election, 2000, as the running-mate of Howard Phillips.

The Phillips/Frazier ticket finished sixth receiving 98,022 votes for 0.1% of the total. Frazier was selected to be the replacement nominee when Joseph Sobran withdrew as the Constitution Party's Vice Presidential nominee in April 2000. While initially intended as a "placeholder" nominee for ballot qualifying purposes, Frazier was officially designated as the permanent VP nominee in early September 2000 [2]. In 1998 Frazier was the U.S. Taxpayers party (Constitution Party) candidate for US Senate in Missouri, receiving 15,368 votes for 1.0% of the vote [3]. Frazier has served in the past as the chair of the Constitution Party of Missouri.

Party political offices
Preceded by
Herb Titus (previous race)
Joseph Sobran (previous candidate)¹
Constitution Party vice presidential candidate
Succeeded by
Chuck Baldwin
Notes and references
1. Sobran was the original Vice Presidential nominee in 2000 but withdrew from the race and was replaced by Frazier. Titus was the Vice Presidential nominee in 1996.

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