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Curves Music
Curves Music logo.jpg
Founded April 2011
Founder Lars Curfs
Distributor(s) Curves Music Distribution
Genre (Dutch) hip hop, electronic, experimental, dance
Country of origin  Netherlands
Location Ureterp, Friesland
Official website Official website

Curves Music is a Dutch digital music distributor, based in the Netherlands and founded in April 2011. The distributor focusses on a mixture of (Dutch) hip hop, electronic and dance artists, but also draws artists associating closely with folk and experimental music.


Curves Music started as a Dutch-based music production company, composing music for several national businesses, using freelance music producers. Its founder, Lars Curfs, branched a new distribution division in May 2011.

In 2012, Curves partnered up with the Boda Records record label, releasing a large catalogue of tracks and albums in that same year. In 2013, Curves Music officially branched to the distribution market, establishing Curves Distribution as a daughter company.

To date (2013), more than 150 artists and labels have joined Curves Music and Curves Distribution.

Distribution channels[edit]

Curves Distribution has distribution deals with the following services:

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