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Sales Graphics Logo
Developer(s) Sales Graphics
Stable release 2010 (6.3.31)
Operating system

Microsoft Windows Mac OS iPad

web-based applications
Type Presentation
License Proprietary
Website [1]

CustomShow is enterprise presentation software. This enterprise software was launched by Sales Graphics, a presentation agency based in New York City.


CustomShow was originally created for Forbes in 1998. Current customers include sales, marketing, and training teams at News Corp., Time Warner, LVMH, GE, Condé Nast, Hearst Magazines, and DIRECTV.


CustomShow allows users to create a library of slides that combine images, video, text, and Adobe Flash content. Users customize presentations by drawing slides from the library. Updates made to slides in the library are automatically shared with all users in a company. CustomShow runs on Macs, PCs, and the Web.

In March 2012, Sales Graphics released their first iteration of the iPad application, CustomShow LE, which allows dynamic, video rich presentations to be shown seamlessly on Apple's iPad tablet. Now in its second generation, CustomShow was released in September 2012 and is optimized for iOS 6.

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