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Cuthbert Bradley (1861-1943) was an English painter, sporting writer and magazine illustrator.[1][2][3][4]

Tommy Burns, 1900 Vanity Fair illustration
John Otho Paget, 1902 Vanity Fair illustration


Cuthbert Bradley was born in Lincolnshire.[4] He graduated from King's College London, where he studied architecture.[4]

He worked as a sporting journalist for The Field and as a magazine illustrator for Vanity Fair.[4] He also wrote books about foxhunting. His paintings depicted scenes of foxhunting and polo.

His 1901 painting King's Messenger can be seen at the Penrhyn Castle.[3] Other paintings are kept by the Leicestershire County Council.[3]


  • Ranelagh - Mr Milburn on Teddy Roosevelt[1][2]
  • Mr J. Watson Webb, the left-handed American No. 3 going thirty miles an hour[1]
  • Lewis Lacey on Marie Sol[1][2]
  • Jupiter[1][2]
  • County Cup Final Game, July 9, 1891[2]
  • Roehampton Open Challenge Cup[2]
  • Kings Messenger Held by a Groom (1901)[3]
  • The Ledbury Hounds (1913)[5]
  • Quorn Hounds, Cruiser and Woeful (1926)[3]
  • Fallible and Ranter (1926)[3]
  • Quorn Hounds, Batsman, Baffler, Weaver and Batchelor (1927)[3]
  • Quorn Hound, Wonderful (1929)[3]
  • Belvoir, Sir Gilbert Hart Greenall[4]
  • A Father of The Belvoir[4]


  • The Foxhound of the Twentieth Century; The Breeding and Work of the Kennels of England
  • Hounds: Their Breeding and Kennel Management
  • The Reminiscences Of Frank Gillard (Huntsman) With The Belvoir Hounds-1860 To 1896
  • Fox-Hunting from Shire to Shire (1912)


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