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Cutie Honey Flash
Cutie honey flash.jpg
Cutie honey flash Poster
(Kyūtī Hanī Furasshu)
Genre Action, Adventure, Magical girl
Cutie Honey F
Written by Yukako Iisaka
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Ciao
Original run May 26, 1997April 23, 1998
Volumes 4
Anime television series
Cutie Honey F
Directed by Noriyo Sasaki
Produced by Kenji Ōta
Megumi Ueda
Kōichi Yada
Iriya Azuma
Written by Ryōta Yamaguchi
Music by Toshihiko Sahashi
Studio Toei Animation
Network Animax, TV Asahi
Original run February 15, 1997January 31, 1998
Episodes 39
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Cutie Honey Flash (キューティーハニー フラッシュ Kyūtī Hanī Furasshu?, also known as Cutie Honey F)[1] is a 1997 anime television series in the Cutie Honey franchise. In its native Japan, the series assumed the timeslot of Sailor Stars,[2] the final story arc of the long-running Sailor Moon anime. Employing many of the same animation staff of Sailor Stars, including animation director Miho Shimagasa,[2] Flash features very similar character designs and fits the more traditional mold of magical girl series, aimed at the Sailor Moon demographic. The series was also broadcast in Germany.[3]


Honey Kisaragi is a perfectly normal, beautiful high school student... until her scientist father is kidnapped by the evil organization Panther Claw, that is. However, her father left behind a device that she can use to transform into the red-haired sword-wielding heroine, Cutey Honey. Aided by Seiji, a private eye who specializes in Panther Claw, and the mysterious "Twilight Prince", she fights members of Panther Claw in order to rescue her father.


Like New Cutie Honey before it, Cutie Honey Flash makes references to other series from Cutie Honey creator Go Nagai. Recurring Honey characters Honey Kisaragi, Seiji, Danbei, Natsuko, Panther Zora, Sister Jill, and Miharu return here,[4] along with Alphonne, Principal Pochi (as a poodle), Gorgon Claw, a female version of Archduke Gorgon of Mazinger Z, Freddy Claw, a female blend of Dr. Hell and Count Blocken from Mazinger Z, and Baby Satan Claw, a blend of Marquis Janus from Great Mazinger and Mazinger Z's Genocider F9. Three boys from Honey's school are based on pilots from Getter Robo and Getter Robo Go, and Great Mazinger briefly appears on a TV screen early on in the series.[citation needed]


Cutie honey f (manga).png

The main protagonist of the series, as with other Cutie Honey media, is Honey Kisaragi. However, unlike other Cutie Honey incarnations, Honey is not an android but possesses a fully functional human body including reproductive capabilities. Consequently, she is indeed a 16-year-old girl at the beginning of the series, not a robot posing as one. Honey studies at the boarding school, St. Chapel Academy, along with best friend Natsuko Aki (who is nicknamed "Nat-chan") from the original 1970s versions of Honey. The academy's faculty includes former Honey characters as well: here, Miharu returns as a dreaded teacher, while Danbei Hayami is the academy's director.[4] Later in the series, Alphonne, also from the original Cutie Honey, appears as Danbei's older sister.

Honey receives help, advice, and white flowers from a mysterious "Twilight Prince" (Tasogare no Prince). Among the things the prince gives Honey are objects invented by her father, the scientist Takeshi Kisaragi. Honey can use the Element Changing Device on her choker by saying the phrase "Honey Flash", to transform in various ways and can heal from otherwise grievous wounds in a matter of hours.[4] Honey can transform into a variety of personas in this series; she can change into versions of Hurricane Honey and Cutie Honey from the 1970s versions, as well as these:[5] Much like the original version, she possesses the Honey Boomerang and Silver Fleurette as her weapons. After her Element Changing Device is fused with Seira's, she can summon the Flash Breath, a small crossbow that can launch arrows of fire, water, lightning, or ice.

  • Hurricane Honey (biker). A woman who rides her motorcycle like the wind.
  • Scoop Honey (paparazzi). A woman who is ready with her film and camera acting as a reporter.
  • Stage Honey (singer). A woman who has her microphone and her formal dress ready for an audience.
  • Nurse Honey (nurse). A woman who knows medical needs.
  • Elegance Honey (bride). A woman who wears a white wedding dress. She uses a bouquet when she's in danger.
  • Escort Honey (tour guide). A woman disguised as a flight attendant.
  • Hyper Honey (heroine). The hearts of Honey and Seira combine to take this form,[6] resembling Cutie Honey but with a different outfit and far more powerful.

Later in the series it is revealed that Honey and Seira were two survivors of a series of artificially created humans that were created to possess the Element Changing Device created by her father and Twilight Prince under Panther Claw before Sister Jill personally terminated the project. After the destruction of the incubation machine, Professor Kisaragi found and raised Honey as his own while Seira was taken in by Twilight Prince and Panther Zora.

Panther Claw[edit]

In Cutie Honey Flash, Honey must deal with a version of the Panther Claw organization, composed of Panther Zora, a stone figure that reigns over the group; Sister Jill, who is Zora's second-in-command; Prince Zera, a Panther Claw leader who jealously seeks Sister Jill's position in the group; and various henchmen.[4] When fighting enemies, Cutie Honey uses attacks such as the Honey Boomerang, Honey Lightning Flare, Honey Rouge Arrow, and Honey Virginal Invitation.[citation needed]

A fourth character from the original Honey series, Seiji Hayami, appears as a detective whose father was killed by the Panther Claw. Seiji often meets Honey in her Cutie Honey form, not knowing that she is Kisaragi.[4]

Misty Honey[edit]

Misty honey (manga).png

The fourteenth episode of the anime introduces Misty Honey, a rival and self-proclaimed twin sister of Cutie Honey, whose name was chosen through a contest in Japan.[4] Ironically, Misty Honey was one of her alter-egos in the original cartoon. Misty Honey, unlike Cutie Honey, cannot turn into anyone she wants; she can only change to Misty Honey. She has a band around her thigh that resembles Honey's choker which acts as the activator for her Airborne Element Fixing Device but she uses a ring to transform with the words "Honey Flash". Seira's heart was "poisoned" by Panther Zora when she was found by Twilight Prince. The darkness in her heart (and her flawed transformation device) creates Panther Claw minions. Later in the series, it is revealed that Honey and Seira were two survivors of a series of artificially created humans that were created to possess the Element Changing Device created by her father and Twilight Prince under Panther Claw before professor Kisaragi personally terminated the project. After the destruction of the incubation machine, Professor Kisaragi found and raised Honey as his own while Seira was taken in by Twilight Prince and Panther Zora. Her alter ego, Seira Hazuki,[4] shares her given name with Seiji and Honey's child, who appears only in the 39th and final episode.[7]

She can be seen as a negative version of Cutie, since Misty Honey has long blue hair and a more revealing outfit, while Cutie has short pink hair and a less revealing outfit.[citation needed] While the anime and manga versions of the characters of Cutie Honey Flash mostly look similar, the two versions of Hazuki differ greatly in appearance.[4] Misty Honey's attacks include Honey Sexy Dynamite. Seira's family name "Hazuki" is the classical/romantic Japanese name for the eighth month of the lunar calendar. In contrast, Honey's family name "Kisaragi" is the classical/romantic Japanese name for the second month of the lunar calendar. "Kisaragi" corresponds to March/April (Spring), while "Hazuki" corresponds to September/October (Autumn) of the solar calendar, representing the opposing characteristics of the twin sisters.


Cutie Honey Flash uses hand-drawn animation; according to Shimagasa, the use of digitally animated characters on hand-painted backgrounds was planned and tested, but later rejected.[2] Its theme music was performed by Salia.[8]


On July 12, 1997, Cutie Honey Flash received a sequel in the form of a 38-minute movie. It was released on DVD in Japan on October 21, 2004, shortly after the Cutie Honey Flash TV series was released on DVD.



Dub titles are not included since this series has never been adapted to and released in English.

Season One[edit]

Ep# Translated title Japanese Airdate
1 "In the Name of Love! the Maiden Transforms!"
"Ai no tameni! Otome wa kawaru"  
February 15th, 1997
After her father is kidnapped, high school student Honey Kisaragi is given the power to transform into Cutie Honey. 
2 "The Maiden's Determination! The Single Flower in the Twilight"
"Otome no ketsui! Tasogare ni ichirin no hana" (乙女の決意! たそがれに一輪の花) 
February 22nd, 1997
Honey becomes depressed after she witnesses the airship her father was in explode, but after hearing her father is still alive, she becomes determined to find him. 
3 "A Maiden's Dream! For Whom is the Wedding Dress?"
"Otome no yume! Hanayome ishō wa dare no tame?" (乙女の夢! 花嫁衣装は誰のため?) 
March 1st, 1997
Cutie Honey must stop Panther Claw from obtaining a designer wedding dress 
4 "The Tear of the Mermaid Princess! The bond between Father and Daughter"
"Ningyo hime no namida! Chichitoko no kizuna" (人魚姫の涙! 父と娘のきずな) 
March 8th, 1997
5 "Overcome your fate! The Girl of the Seven-colored Rainbow"
"Unmei o koete! Nanairo no niji no otome" (運命をこえて! 七色の虹の乙女) 
March 15th, 1997
6 "Can't Transform! Honey is Trapped"
"Henshin funō! Tojikome rareta hanī"  
March 22nd, 1997
7 "The Sea of Sorrow! Seiji's Recollection of His Father"
"Kanashimi no umi! Seiji, chichi e no tsuioku"  
April 19th, 1997
8 "The Sweet and Perilous Scent! Protect a Maiden's Pure Heart"
"Amaku kiken'na kaori! Mamore otome no junjō"  
April 26th, 1997
9 "The Prince is in Danger!? A Rival Appears!!"
"Purinsu no kiki! ? Raibaru tōjō! !" (プリンスの危機!? ライバル登場!!) 
May 3rd, 1997
10 "Lighting Flare Defeated!? Honey's Desperate Battle"   May 10th, 1997
11 "The Encroaching Terror!! Honey targeted"
(忍びよる恐怖!! 狙われたハニー) 
May 17th, 1997
12 "Honey Cornered! Jill's Electric Shock Attack"  
13 "Fight with the Power of Love! The Final Battle with Jill"  

Season Two[edit]

Ep# Translated title Japanese Airdate
14 "The Entrance of a Mysterious Fighter!! Overture to a New Fate"
(謎の戦士登場!! 新たな運命の序曲) 
June 7th, 1997
Honey meets her rival, Misty Honey, a girl who has powers like Honey's and who calls herself Honey's sister. 
15 "The Act Begins! The Super Battle between Two Honey's"
(開幕のベル! 二人のハニー超戦闘) 
June 14th, 1997
16 "The Entanglement of Love and Hate! The Sisters' Tennis Match"
(からみ合う愛憎! 姉妹テニス対決) 
June 21st, 1997
17 "The Shocking Truth! Father reveals Honeys' secret"
(衝撃事実! 父が語るハニーの秘密) 
July 5th, 1997
18 "Scorching Memories! Seira's Past"
(燃える炎の記憶! 聖羅の過去) 
July 12th, 1997
19 "The Competition in Swimsuits! Battling Skeletons on a Ghostship"
(水着で勝負! 幽霊船のガイ骨退治) 
July 26th, 1997
20 "The Seal of Panther Claw! The Secret of Seira's Breast Mark"
(パンサー刻印! 聖羅の胸の秘密) 
August 2nd, 1997
21 "For the Sake of Love! The Last Battle between the Two Honey's"
(愛ゆえに! Wハニー最後の戦い) 
August 16th, 1997
Misty Honey and Cutey Honey have the final showdown that changes everything. 
22 "Seira Perishes in a Sea of Flames! holding her Father's Love to her bosom"
(炎の中に聖羅死す! 父の愛を胸に) 
August 22nd, 1997
23 "The Finale of Love! Honey's Love that Shines through Fate"
(愛の結末! 運命に勝つハニーの光) 
August 30th, 1997

Season Three[edit]

Ep# Translated title Japanese Airdate
24 "School Destroyed! The Threat of the Resurrected Panther Claw"  
25 "Honey brings up Baby"  
26 "An "Idol" Panther? The Battle of the Singing Divas"  
27 "The Queen of the Circuit! The Dangerous Ultra-High-Speed Race"  
28 "The One called the "Devil": The Tear of a Panther Warrier"  
29 "Big Adventure on an Uninhabited Island. Much ado about a Treasure Hunt"  
30 "There is No Getting Off! The Train Speeding toward Hell"  
31 "Passion and Love Persist! The Days of Father's Youth"  
32 "The Worst Day for Hungry Private Eye, Seiji Hayami"  
33 "The Trap in Outer Space! Honey's Biggest Crisis"  
34 "Honey's Choice: Seiji vs. Prince"  
35 "Have Faith in Me! The Power of Love at Full Maximum"  
36 "Battle of Courage! The Electrifying Pro-Wrestling Match"  
37 "The Last Holy War! (Part 1) Love confronts Fate"  
38 "The Last Holy War! (Part 2) The Triumph of the Power to Dream"  
39 "Honey the Bride! The Light of Love is Forever"  



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