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Cutoff or cut off or cut-off may refer to:

Science and technology[edit]

  • Cutoff (physics), a threshold value for a quantity
  • Cutoff (reference value), a one-sided reference range
  • Cutoff (steam engine), the point in the piston stroke at which the inlet valve is closed
  • Cutoff (metalworking), a piercing operation used to cut a workpiece from the stock
  • Cutoff grade, in mining, the level of mineral in an ore below which it is not economically feasible to mine it
  • Cutoff frequency, in telecommunications and digital signal processing
  • Cut-off (electronics), when in a MOSFET device the gate to source control voltage is less than a threshold value denoted by V_{T} or V_{Th}: then the channel is said to be cut-off, imposing the flow of a very low drain-to-source current
  • Meander cutoff, a course change in a meadering river
  • Fuse (electrical), a type of overcurrent protection device
  • UV Cutoff (chemistry), the wavelength at which the solvent absorbance in a 1 cm path length cell is equal to 1 AU (absorbance unit) using water in the reference cell.

Clothing and fashion[edit]

  • Kutte, a usually sleeveless decorated jacket
  • Crop top, a shirt that exposes the midriff
  • Cut-off shorts, long pants that have been cut at the knee level (usually without a hem) to create shorts

Roads, Railroads and Trails[edit]

As a route, a cutoff (or cut-off) refers to a new route that is shorter and/or it is more favorable for other reasons than the old or former route.

Other uses[edit]

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