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This article is about the people. For the language, see Cuyonon.
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Philippines Philippines: Palawan
Cuyonon language
Roman Catholic
Related ethnic groups
other Filipino peoples, other Austronesian peoples
Further information: Cuyonon language

Cuyunon refers to an ethnic group populating Cuyo, northern and central Palawan. The Cuyunons are originally from Cuyo, and the surrounding Cuyo Islands, a group of islands and islets in Sulu Sea, to the north eastern of Palawan. They are considered an elite class among the hierarchy of native Palaweños.

During the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, Cuyo was one of the territories of Palawan that had a strong Spanish presence.

The first Miss Philippines was a Cuyunon. And, when Vietnam, opened its doors to the world, the first ambassador from the Philippines was also a Cuyunon. It was also a Cuyunon who topped the Philippines' very first Civil Service Examination- Mr. Procopio Macolor, Sr.