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CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd.
Kabushiki gaisha
Industry Video gaming
Founded February 16, 1996
Headquarters Fukuoka, Japan
Key people
Hiroshi Matsuyama
(President and CEO)
Number of employees
173 (As of March 2012)

CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd. (サイバーコネクトツー Saibā Konekuto Tsū?) is a video game development studio mostly known for its work on the .hack series, along with a series of fighting games based on the Naruto franchise. They're also known for creating the spiritual Little Tail Bronx series (e.g. Tail Concerto and Solatorobo: Red the Hunter).


CyberConnect2 was first formed on February 16, 1996 as "CyberConnect" but on September 16, 2001, it was renamed "CyberConnect2". On October 3, 2007, CyberConnect2 changed their logo and decided to expand their production beyond games, beginning with the formation of "Sensible Art Innovation" to create the .hack//G.U. Trilogy, and LieN to compose the music.

Current Project[edit]

CyberConnect2 is currently working on three projects for current generation consoles. The first is a photo-realistic role playing game targeted at the international market and is built using Unreal Engine 4 involving physics-based rendering. The second is open world. The third involves virtual reality.[1]

Games developed[edit]

.hack// franchise[edit]

Little Tail Bronx series[edit]

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure[edit]

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series[edit]



CyberConnect2 also produced two computer animated films for the .hack franchise. The first one, .hack//G.U. Trilogy, is an adaptation of the .hack//G.U. games and was released in December 2007.[3] The second film is .hack//The Movie released on January 21, 2012.[4]


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