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The Innovation District is an area of Boston, Massachusetts.[1] According to Wired Magazine, it was officially recognized by Boston's Mayor Thomas Menino in 1997.[2] Faneuil Hall is also known for being a district in the same city earning this nickname, known for activities similar to the San Francisco Bay area's Silicon Valley.[3] [4] The neighborhood is unique for "... is its mix of cutting-edge technology with the gritty Old World wharf. "[5] The area is also known as the "Seaport Innovation District".[6][7]

Notable companies[edit]

The area has many notable companies that have a presence in the Cyber District

  • Dune Medical Devices[6]
  • Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds[6]
  • Rethink Robotics[6]
  • Rodney Brooks[6]
  • State Street[6]
  • NECN[6]


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