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Cybermorph box art.jpg
Developer(s) Attention to Detail
Publisher(s) Atari Corporation
Platform(s) Atari Jaguar
Release date(s)
  • NA November 23, 1993[1]
Genre(s) 3D shooter
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution 1-2 MB cartridge

Cybermorph is a free-roaming 3D shooter game developed by Attention to Detail for the Atari Jaguar. The cartridge was included as the pack-in game for the console when it launched on November 23, 1993.[1] Two versions of the game were released with minor differences. The earlier version (copyright 1993 on the label) is a two-megabyte (MB) cartridge. The later version (copyright 1994 on the label) is a one-MB cartridge which excludes introduction and ending animation sequences and has fewer voice samples.[2]

The game is believed to have been originally developed for the Atari Panther system, and ported to the Jaguar when the Panther project was canceled.[3]


The game is a 3D shooter, with the player piloting a space ship from a third person perspective. There are five levels, each with several planets for the player to explore, with a boss at the end of each level. The player's objective is to recapture lost pods spread out across the different worlds. The player is accompanied on their adventure by a green female computer guide named Skylar.


Cybermorph was reviewed in the March/April 1994 issue of Game Informer by Andy McNamara (The Game Hombre), Paul Anderson (The Pro Player), and Ross van der Schaegen (The Rebel Gamer). Each of their scores averaged the game to an 8.5/10.[4] The title received a "Game Of the Month" award from Gamefan[5] and received a sequel, Battlemorph, on the Atari Jaguar CD system.

Despite this, put this game as #2 on the Top 10 Worst Launch Titles and described Skylar as "a green bald-headed female computer that simply won't stop repeating the same thing over and over", which was unacceptable since the game was successful.


A follow-up was released in 2008 for the Jaguar CD that included rare behind-the-scenes footage of producers and art team of the title. Only 10 were made and distributed through, each of them signed by the original ATD (Attention to Detail) team. Further releases may be made available though the aforementioned site as contributed by ATD.[citation needed]


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