Cycling at the 1980 Summer Olympics – Men's individual pursuit

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Cycling at the
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These are the official results of the Men's Individual Pursuit at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moskva, Russia (formerly Soviet Union), held from July 22, 1980 to July 24, 1980. There were a total number of 14 participants in the Olympic Velodrome.

Final classification[edit]

Med 1.png  Robert Dill-Bundi (SUI)
Med 2.png  Alain Bondue (FRA)
Med 3.png  Hans-Henrik Ørsted (DEN)
4.  Harald Wolf (GDR)
5.  Vladimir Osokin (URS)
6.  Sean Yates (GBR)
7.  Pierangelo Bincoletto (ITA)
8.  Martin Penc (TCH)
9.  Kelvin Poole (AUS)
10.  Joseph Smeets (BEL)
11.  Sixten Wackström (FIN)
12.  Zbigniew Woźnicki (POL)
13.  Antônio Silvestre (BRA)
14.  Jhon Jarrín (ECU)