Cycling at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Women's individual pursuit

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Cycling at the
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These are the official results of the Women's Individual Pursuit at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. The races were held on July 30, and July 31, 1992 at the Velòdrom d'Hortawith a race distance of 3 km. This was the Olympic debut of this event for the women.


Gold: Gold medal.svg Silver: Silver medal.svg Bronze: Bronze medal.svg
Petra Rossner, Germany Kathy Watt, Australia Rebecca Twigg, United States


  • Q Denotes qualified for next round.
  • q Denotes qualified for classification round.
  • OVTK Denotes overtaken by opponent during heat.
  • CAP Denotes captured your opponent.
  • DNS Denotes did not start.
  • WR Denotes New world record.
  • OR Denotes New Olympic record

Qualifying round[edit]

Held, July 30

The seventeen riders raced against each other in matches of two. Qualification for the next round was not based on who won those matches, however. The cyclists with the eight fastest times advanced to the quarter-finals, regardless of whether they won or lost their match.

Pos. Athlete NOC Time Ave. Speed Qual. Notes
1 Kathy Watt Australia 3:41.886 48.673 km/h Q OR
2 Petra Rossner Germany 3:43.091 48.410 km/h Q
3 Rebecca Twigg United States 3:43.218 48.383 km/h Q
4 Svetlana Samokhvalova Unified Team 3:43.326 48.359 km/h Q
5 Hanne Malmberg Denmark 3:45.230 47.950  km/h Q
6 Jeannie Longo France 3:46.935 47.590 km/h Q
7 Leontien van Moorsel Netherlands 3:46.956 47.586 km/h Q OR
8 Tea Vikstedt Finland 3:47.516 47.469 km/h Q
9 Kristel Werckx Belgium 3:50.051 46.946 km/h
10 Jacqui Nelson New Zealand 3:51.259 46.700 km/h
11 Seiko Hashimoto Japan 3:51.674 46.617 km/h OR
12 Gabriella Pregnolato Italy 3:52.376 46.476 km/h
13 Aiga Zagorska Lithuania 3:52.450 46.461 km/h
14 Kelly-Ann Way Canada 3:54.284 46.097 km/h
15 Zhou Ligmei China 4:04.085 44.247 km/h
16 Olga Sacasa Nicaragua 4:32.671 39.608 km/h OR
- Margaret Bean Guam OVTK


Held July 30
In the first round of actual match competition, cyclists were seeded into matches based on their times from the qualifying round. The winners of the four heats of advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat 1

Pos. Athlete NOC Time Ave. Speed Qual.
1 Hanne Malmberg Denmark 3:46.959 47.585 km/h Q
2 Svetlana Samokhvalova Unified Team 3:47.444 47.484 km/h

Heat 2

Pos. Athlete NOC Time Ave. Speed Qual.
1 Rebecca Twigg United States 3:46.508 47.680 km/h Q
2 Jeannie Longo France 3:46.547 47.672 km/h

Heat 3

Pos. Athlete NOC Time Ave. Speed Qual. Notes
1 Petra Rossner Germany 3:41.509 48.756 km/h Q OR
2 Leontien van Moorsel Netherlands 3:49.795 46.998 km/h

Heat 4

Pos. Athlete NOC Time Ave. Speed Qual.
1 Kathy Watt Australia 3:45.305 47.935 km/h Q
2 Tea Vikstedt Finland 3:48.2918 47.178 km/h


Held July 31
The winner of the two heats advance to the finals, for the gold medal. The loser with the fastest semi-final time wins the bronze.

Heat 1

Pos. Athlete NOC Time Ave. Speed Qual.
1 Kathy Watt Australia 3:49.790 46.999 km/h Q
2 Rebecca Twigg United States 3:52.429 46.465 km/h

Heat 2

Pos. Athlete NOC Time Ave. Speed Qual.
1 Petra Rossner Germany 3:48.517 47.261 km/h Q
2 Hanne Malmberg Denmark 3:53.516 46.249 km/h


Held July 31

Pos. Athlete NOC Time Ave. Speed
1 Petra Rossner Germany 3:41.753 48.702 km/h
2 Kathy Watt Australia 3:43.438 48.335 km/h

Final classification[edit]

Final results
Pos. Athlete NOC
1. Petra Rossner Germany
2. Kathy Watt Australia
3. Rebecca Twigg United States
4. Hanne Malmberg Denmark
5. Jeannie Longo France
6. Svetlana Samokhvalova Unified Team
7. Tea Vikstedt Finland
8. Leontien van Moorsel Netherlands


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