Cycling at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Men's individual pursuit

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Cycling at the
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These are the official results of the Men's Individual Pursuit at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. The races were held on Saturday, 16 September, and Sunday, 17 September 2000 at the Dunc Gray Velodromewith a race distance of 4 km.


Gold: Gold medal.svg Silver: Silver medal.svg Bronze: Bronze medal.svg
Robert Bartko, Germany Jens Lehmann, Germany Brad McGee, Australia


World and Olympic records prior to the Games.

World Record 4:11.114 Chris Boardman GBR Manchester, Great Britain 29 August 1996
Olympic Record 4:19.699 Andrea Collinelli ITA Atlanta, USA 24 July 1996

Qualifying round[edit]

16 September

The seventeen riders raced against each other in matches of two. Qualification for the next round was not based on who won those matches, however. The cyclists with the four fastest times advanced, regardless of whether they won or lost their match.

Rank Name Nation Time
1 Robert Bartko Germany 4:18.972
2 Rob Hayles Great Britain 4:20.996
3 Jens Lehmann Germany 4:21.350
4 Brad McGee Australia 4:21.903
5 Philipe Gaumont France 4:22.142
6 Oleksandr Symonenko Ukraine 4:23.983
7 Sergiy Matveyev Ukraine 4:25.380
8 Walter Fernando Perez Argentina 4:30.757
9 Luke Roberts Australia 4:31.162
10 Mariano Friedick United States 4:31.241
11 Vladimir Karpets Russia 4:31.342
12 Christian Vande Velde United States 4:31.528
13 Alexey Markov Russia 4:31.589
14 Gary Anderson New Zealand 4:32.304
15 Franco Marvulli Switzerland 4:34.000
16 Antonio Tauler Spain 4:34.415
17 Vadim Kravchenko Kazakhstan 4:40.410


Held 16 September

In the first round of actual match competition, cyclists were seeded into matches based on their times from the qualifying round. The fastest cyclist faced the fourth-fastest and the second-fastest faced the third. Winners advanced to the finals while losers met in the bronze medal match.

Heat 1
Jens Lehmann Germany 4:23.032 (3rd)
Rob Hayles Great Britain 4:30.080 (2nd)
Heat 2
Robert Bartko Germany 4:21.067 (1st)
Brad McGee Australia 4:22.644 (4th)


Held 17 September

Gold Medal
Robert Bartko Germany 4:18.515
Jens Lehmann Germany 4:23.824
Bronze Medal
Brad McGee Australia 4:19.250
Rob Hayles Great Britain 4:19.613