Cycling at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Men's track time trial

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The men's 1 kilometre time trial in Cycling at the 2000 Summer Olympics was a time trial race in which each of the seventeen cyclists attempted to set the fastest time for four laps (1 kilometre) of the track. The race was held on Saturday, September 16 at the Dunc Gray Velodrome


Gold: Gold medal.svg Silver: Silver medal.svg Bronze: Bronze medal.svg
Jason Queally, Great Britain Stefan Nimke, Germany Shane Kelly, Australia


World and Olympics records before the games were held.

World Record Arnaud Tournant, France Mexico City, Mexico 1:00.148 June 16, 2000
Olympic Record Florian Rousseau, France Atlanta, United States 1:02.712 July 24, 1996


  • DNS denotes did not start.
  • DNF denotes did not finish.
  • DQ denotes disqualification.
  • NR denotes national record.
  • OR denotes Olympic record.
  • WR denotes world record.
  • PB denotes personal best.
  • SB denotes season best.
Rank Name NOC Time Record
1 Jason Queally Great Britain 1:01.609 OR
2 Stefan Nimke Germany 1:02.487
3 Shane Kelly Australia 1:02.818
4 Soeren Lausberg Germany 1:02.937
5 Arnaud Tournant France 1:03.023
6 Dimitrios Georgalis Greece 1:04.018
7 Grzegorz Krejner Poland 1:04.156
8 Garen Bloch South Africa 1:04.478
9 Narihito Inamura Japan 1:05.085
10 Julio Cesar Herrera Cuba 1:05.537
11 Matt Sinton New Zealand 1:05.706
12 Jim Fisher Canada 1:05.835
13 Martin Polak Czech Republic 1:05.851
14 Jonas Carney United States 1:05.968
15 David Cabrero Spain 1:07.710
16 Gvido Miezis Latvia 1:08.113