Cycling at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Women's track time trial

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The women's 500 metre time trial in Cycling at the 2000 Summer Olympics was a time trial race in which each of the seventeen cyclists attempted to set the fastest time for two laps (500 metre) of the track. The race was held on Saturday, September 16 at the Dunc Gray Velodrome


Gold: Gold medal.svg Silver: Silver medal.svg Bronze: Bronze medal.svg
Felicia Ballanger, France Michelle Ferris, Australia Jiang Cuihua, China


World and Olympics records before the games were held. This was a new event, so there was no previous Olympic record.

World Record Felicia Ballanger, France Bordeaux, France 34.010 August 29, 1998


  • DNS denotes did not start.
  • DNF denotes did not finish.
  • DQ denotes disqualification.
  • NR denotes national record.
  • OR denotes Olympic record.
  • WR denotes world record.
  • PB denotes personal best.
  • SB denotes season best.
Rank Name NOC Time Record
1 Felicia Ballanger France 34.140 OR
2 Michelle Ferris Australia 34.692
3 Jiang Cuihua China 34.768
4 Yan Wang China 35.013
5 Chris Witty United States 35.230
6 Ulrike Weichelt Germany 35.315
7 Kathrin Freitag Germany 35.473
8 Tanya Dubnicoff Canada 35.486
9 Iryna Yanovych Ukraine 35.512
10 Daniela Larreal Venezuela 35.728
11 Magali Faure-Humbert France 35.766
12 Szilvia Noemi Szabolcsi Hungary 35.778
13 Lori-Anne Muenzer Canada 35.846
14 Lyndelle Higginson Australia 35.859
15 Oxana Grichina Russia 36.169
16 Fiona Ramage New Zealand 36.536
17 Mira Kasslin Finland 37.145