Cyclone (Tangerine Dream album)

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Studio album by Tangerine Dream
Released 1978
Recorded 1978
Genre Electronic, progressive rock
Length 37:50
Label Virgin
Producer Tangerine Dream
Tangerine Dream chronology
Force Majeure
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Cyclone is a 1978 album by Tangerine Dream, and the first in their canon to feature proper vocals and lyrics.[2] The mystical lyrics and rock flute of Steve Jolliffe on the first two tracks marked a turn toward progressive rock. The third track, however, is an extended Berlin School instrumental more in the vein of the title track from Stratosfear. The cover is a painting by band leader Edgar Froese that slightly resembles his cover for 1974's Phaedra.

Despite being much maligned over the years, Cyclone has been outsold by only five other Tangerine Dream albums in the UK. It reached No.37 in a 4-week chart run.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Bent Cold Sidewalk"   13:05
2. "Rising Runner Missed by Endless Sender"   5:00
3. "Madrigal Meridian"   20:28


  • Edgar Froese – synthesizers, Mellotron, moog, electric guitars, acoustic guitar
  • Christopher Franke – moog, sequencers, mellotron, synthesizers, electronic percussion
  • Steve Jolliffe – vocals, flutes, piccolo, cor anglais, bass clarinet, Hohner clavinet, synthesizers, grand piano, Fender Rhodes, tenor and soprano horns, lyricon
  • Klaus Krüger – Polyester custom built drums with multi-trigger unit, electronic percussion, paiste cymbals, bubims, Burma gong set


Oberheim 8 Voice polyphonic synth, twin keyboard Mellotron Mark V, ARP Digital Soloist synth, Moog synthesizer & Projekt Electronic Time Control System, Gibson Les Paul custom guitars, Korg PS 3100 polyphonic synth, Roland GS 500 guitar & GR 500 controller, ARP Solina string Ensemble, Ovation Acoustic guitar, Moog synthesizer, Project Electronic sequencer, Computerstudio digital sequencer, loop Mellotron, ARP Soloist synth, Elka string synth, electronic percussion, Oberheim sequencer, Oberheim 8 Voice polyphonic synth, OB-1 one, Hohner clavinet, Grand piano, Fender Rhodes, Roland System-100 synth, bass clarinet, cor anglais, tenor & soprano horns, C-flute, lyricon by Computone, Polyester custom-built drums with multi-trigger unit, electronic percussion, paiste cymbals, bubims, Burma gong set.


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