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Cymbal manufacturers manufacture Cymbals for percussionists and other musicians.

Major cymbal manufacturers[edit]

Other cymbal manufacturers[edit]

Agean Cymbals[edit]

Agean Cymbals are a Handcrafted Turkish cymbal manufacturer founded in 2002. They are creating quality cast bronze cymbals at a great price. They have B20 alloy and B25. They are available in most European countries and are a quality cymbal manufacturer. Their lines are "Custom Series", "Custom Brilliant Series", "Extreme Series", "Karia Series", "Legend Series", "Natural Series", "Stoned Series", "Silver Series", "Rock Master Series" and "Special Jazz" Series plus many more. "[1]

Amedia Cymbals[edit]

Amedia Cymbals is a premier Turkish manufacturer of cymbals based in Istanbul. Amedia manufactures under their own brand 28 model lines of Cymbals from Jazz to Rock. Amedia has been in operation for ten years, is a family run business, and is a true foundry. The Amedia cymbalsmiths have been producing Cymbals for many generations. Amedia has a large offering of rock Cymbals.

Amedia models: Ahmet Legend, Ararat, AMD, Ancyra, Antique, Arzat, Classic, Dervish, D-Rock, D-Series, Eremya, Euprates, Firebell, Fusion, FX Concept, Galata, Hitites, Kommagene, Marco Baresi, Numan, Old School, Raw Rock, Taurus, Thrace, Tigris, Vigor Rock, Vigor Rock Shiny, Vintage.

Anatolian Cymbals[edit]

Anatolian Cymbals is a small Turkish manufacturer of cymbals, which started out in 1999. Anatolian cast bronze cymbals are crafted from the Anatolian B20plus alloy consisting of 80% copper I 20% tin as well as a secret special additive known only to Anatolian. Each Anatolian cymbal is handcrafted. Anatolian has 12 different lines of cymbals.

Bettis Custom Cymbals[edit]

22 inch medium-thin ride cymbal made by Matt Bettis.
22 inch medium-thin ride cymbal made by Matt Bettis.

Bettis Custom Cymbals is a one-man shop run by independent cymbalsmith Matt Bettis in the Los Angeles area of California. Established in 2004, Bettis Cymbals provides high-end, custom cymbals, hand made in B-20.

Dream Cymbals[edit]

Dream Cymbals is a Canadian cymbal company which began operations in 2005. It's a collaboration between Canadian instrument designers and Chinese cymbal makers. All of the company's cymbals are made in the Wuhan region of China. All of Dream's cymbals are made from the B20 alloy. Their main series are "Bliss", "Contact", "Energy", "Vintage Bliss", and "Dark Matter". Their "China cymbals" are made as a separate series called "Lion", and a series called "Pang", which Dream bills as, "[neither] a china nor a ride nor a swish..."[2] They also offer custom cymbals tailored to the design of the customer. In late-mid 2012 Dream decided on a new way to price their cymbals. "Sound pricing", an innovative idea, took effect in September 2012. The new pricing system means that all cymbals of the same size and style will cost the same regardless of series. (Excluding the "Dark Matter", "Lion", "Jing" and Orchestral cymbals series) [3]

Domene Cymbals[edit]

""Domene Cymbals"" is a manufacture of handmade cymbals with turkish default made in Brazil in the city of Avare in the state of São Paulo, more information ;

AJAHA Cymbals[edit]

AJAHA Cymbals produced cymbals from the 1910s through the 1970s. Ajaha cymbals appeared in the 1912 Gretsch catalog, fourteen years before Fred Gretsch Sr. registered the Zildjian brand in the United States. The 1941 Gretsh catalog says, "For almost thirty years American drummers have ranked Ajaha second only to K Zildjian." The telltale identifying mark is the signature "X.E. Ajaha" on the underside of the cymbal bell. Some observe that the characters X and E resemble the Greek characters "hee" and "ksi." The last Ajaha cymbals were produced by Tosco-Italy, in the 1970s as a stencil brand supplied to Gretsch drums.

Very early Ajahas (date based upon visual stylistic/craftsmanship grounds) tend to be small, 11-14", and either very heavy, or paper thin. The UFIP produced Ajahas of the 70's run the gamut of sizes 12"-22" and weights. Also of note is that these UFIP versions bear an ink-stamped reproduction of the Ajaha signature.

As to whether Ajaha was initially a Turkish maker, or a European (possibly Italian) maker who had apprenticed in a Turkish workshop (perhaps even the K Zildjian workshop in Istanbul) is open to debate. Its difficulty is compounded by the relative rarity of such cymbals still in existence.

The lack of concrete information on these cymbals may also be because the only identifying mark was an ink signature or stamp (as opposed to an embossed stamp), so the ink may have worn off, leaving many Ajahas as "no-names." Also, the varied quality of those that are identifiable does not encourage further investigation. Lastly, in keeping with the very unfortunate tradition of not discussing past artisans they did business with or employed (if there is no marketable gain for doing so), Sabian (Tosco), UFIP (Italy), and Gretsch may have more information on Ajaha than they are willing to disclose. Too obscure for almost any musicians or collectors to care about, these cymbals have little market value today. Ajaha the company, and the cymbalsmith, remain an enigma.

Imperial Cymbals[edit]

Imperial Cymbals are headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in 2011, the company provides drummers with high quality Turkish Cymbals at an affordable rate. A few popular artists are Frankie Muniz of the band Kingsfoil, and Adam Gray of the band Texas In July. Drummers are able to custom make the cymbal of their dreams from the ground up by deciding the lathing patterns, tonality, sizes, style, bell size, vent holes and more.

Impression Cymbals[edit]

Impression Cymbals is a Turkish cymbal company founded in 2010 by four partners that had previously worked for Bosphorus Cymbals for more than ten years and decided to establish their own cymbal foundry. In February 2013 three of the original four founding partners left the cymbal business. All cymbals produced by this company are made by using exclusively B-20 alloy (80% copper, 20% tin) and are exclusively hand hammered by expert cymbals smiths. Impression Cymbals also makes OEM for Exodus Cymbals.

Kahzan Cymbals[edit]

Kahzan Cymbals are a new cymbal line that is 100% handmade in Wuhan, China. The cymbals are all cast from an 80% copper & 20% tin alloy and then hand-hammered into shape. Kahzan is known for its signature "dry" finish on the Vintage and Vintage Dark series.

Octagon cymbals[edit]

Octagon is a Brazilian cymbal manufacturer founded in the early 90's, that originally started out as a pedal manufacturer, launching the first bass drum pedal made in Brazil. It quickly switched on to make cymbals.

Orion cymbals[edit]

Orion Cymbals is a Brazilian brand of cymbals and percussion founded in 1999 as a division of Multialloy Metais e Ligas Especiais Ltda, and aims to remain a leader within this segment in Brazil and Latin America.

Harpy/Krest cymbals[edit]

Harpy cymbals originated in Brazil. The cymbals were made out of B8 Bronze. The company was popular for the way they coloured some of their cymbals, adding visual excitement to professional cymbals. As of 2006 the company renamed itself KREST.

Artists who play with Harpy/Krest cymbals are more numerous in Brazil. Some popular artists are soloist Gledson Meira, and Jamil Pilli of Chipset Zero. Harpy cymbals are used in America by Andrew O'Donnell, of Attila and the huns (18" China).

Heartbeat cymbals[edit]

Heartbeat Cymbals is a Canadian brand of cymbals that are made from B20 bronze in Turkey. Distributed globally by Heartbeat Distributors Ltd., the Heartbeat Cymbal line was started in 2010. All cymbals are hand crafted and hand hammered. Many gospel artists play Heartbeat. Cymbals have two year warranty and range in sizes from 6" to 24" in eight different series. The "Classic", "Studio" and "Epic" series all focus on recreating the traditional Turkish cymbal sound. The "Custom", "Raw", "Custom Rock" and "Rock" series bring together contemporary sounds with classic design. The "Vintage" series recreates the dark and dirty sounds from early Jazz recordings. Heartbeat sells and ships all over the world.

Heartbeat Percussion has since added drumsticks as well bags for cymbals, drums and sticks to their line up. [4]


Stagg is an instrument manufacturer. They primarily make inexpensive entry-level instruments for beginners. Their product list consists of acoustic and electric guitars, pianos and keyboards, classical instruments, percussion instruments and other accessories. They also make various cymbals and gongs, including the SH, DH, Black Metal, Classic, Furia, Myra and Vintage Bronze series which are all hand-hammered, b20 cast cymbals.


Hammerax is an American cymbal company which produces cymbals as well as a group of unique bronze instruments. They were founded in 2006. They are made in the United States and have the longest warranty of any cymbal company (4 years).[citation needed] Recently, 2013 Hammerax has changed their warranty to two years along with redesigning their line of cymbals

Bellotti Cymbals[edit]

Bellotti cymbal with typical hammered pattern

Bellotti was a small Italian cymbal workshop that produced cymbals from the 1950s until the 1970s.[5]

Because so few of these vintage cymbals exist on the market today (they are much less prevalent that some other vintage Italian contemporaries, such as Zanchi) Bellotti remains one of the more obscure names in cymbal manufacturers. Most Bellottis are relatively small 12"-15", and quite heavy. Their craftsmanship displays a fine lathing on top and bottom and very broad, circular-peen hand-hammering. The cast bronze cymbals are of a B20 alloy. The bellholes of most Bellottis are of small aperture, which suggests a fabrication date prior to the 1960s or earlier.[6] Very finely crafted, most existing examples are likely to have been hand or field cymbals, due both to their weight and diameters.

The tell-tale insignia is an embossed stamp on the underside of the cymbal. There are two versions of this stamp. The first simply reads "Bellotti" on capital block letters. The second version also reads "Bellotti," but also incorporates the logo of a bell. Often, Bellottis have an embossment that reads "Italy" or "Made in Italy" in a semicircular pattern. This embossment appears on other Italian cymbals of the 1940s-1960s.

Koide Cymbals[edit]

Koide Cymbals is a Japanese manufacturer of cymbals. They are not normally available outside Japan.

Pasha cymbals[edit]

Pasha cymbals were Italian-made cymbals from the early 1960s through early 1970s. A stencil brand produced in the UFIP factory, Pashas were the stock cymbal for Rogers Drums and appear in Rogers catalogues of this era.[7]

The telltale insignia is a crescent moon with the word PASHA adjacent to it, the font of the lettering being all capitals, the characters with rounded edges. The stamp was either embossed, or simply an ink stamp. Pashas also often exhibit a square ink stamp, "Made in Italy".

Most examples are thin to medium-thin in weight. Pashas were composed of B20 alloy, cast bronze, and machine and hand hammered. They tend to produce a warm tone with wide but controlled wash, as opposed to a very prominent stick/ping sound, which make them appropriate jazz cymbals.

They are sometimes mistaken for the more contemporary Istanbul cymbals "Pasha" product line, although they bear no resemblance to the latter.

Roberto Spizzichino[edit]

22" Spizzichino ride

Roberto Spizzichino (1944–2011) was an Italian Jazz drummer and renowned master cymbalsmith. Spizzichino lathed and hand hammered cymbals in his workshop in San Quirico, Tuscany in the tradition of the K Zildjian cymbal makers from Istanbul.

Early in his career, Spizzichino worked for the Italian cymbal company UFIP, providing cymbal development and research. In 1986, after leaving UFIP, Spizzichino started experimenting with his own "Spizz" brand cymbals. Spizzichino also worked for Bespeco, an Italian musical equipment manufacturer. Bespeco still offers a line of machine-made B8 "Spizz" brand cymbals produced according to a process developed by Spizzichino. The Chinese cymbal manufacturer, Wuhan, also produced a limited number of its own "Spizz" brand cymbals during a brief collaboration in 1989 when Spizzichino visited the factory. He was in China to find a source for B20 blanks. Spizzichino was involved in the Wuhan/Spizz cymbals' design but was not involved with the cymbal production and distribution. He was not satisfied with the product and did not wish to be associated with it. Neither the Bespeco "Spizz" or the Wuhan/Spizz cymbals were endorsed by Spizzichino.

Recent Spizzichino brand cymbals are crafted from high quality B20 bell bronze discs sourced from Turkey. The first Spizzichinos were made from inexpensive, heavy B20 blanks imported from China. By heating, hand hammering and lathing the material, Spizzichino sought to bring out desirable sound characteristics often lacking in machine-made modern cymbals. Spizzichino became unsatisfied with the purity of the Chinese material after a couple years, and found a different supplier.

Roberto Spizzichino's cymbals are coveted by jazz drummers seeking the 'old K sound' and are considered rare and collectable, as he made fewer than 3,500 cymbals during his career. Spizzichino died on November 22, 2011.

Matt Nolan Custom[edit]

Stainless Steel Ride Cymbal made by Matt Nolan.
22 inch Stainless Steel Ride Cymbal made by Matt Nolan
Bronze Ride Cymbal made by Matt Nolan.
21 inch Bronze Ride Cymbal made by Matt Nolan

Matt Nolan is an English drummer and metal sculptor. Nolan works as an independent cymbal and gong maker from his workshop in Bath in the South-West of England. Matt Nolan Custom brand cymbals are made from multiple different Bronze alloys with Tin content ranging from 8 to 25 percent that Nolan personally works by hand with hammers, anvils and fire. Nolan also makes cymbals and gongs from more unusual materials, most notably Stainless Steel and Titanium. Nolan's cymbals and gongs are known for their often very decorative appearance, with colours, textures and sometimes even non-circular shapes. Nolan also produces hand forged orchestral triangles and some tuned percussion instruments including tuned Bell Plates.

Masterwork Cymbals[edit]

Masterwork cymbals runs a small operation in Istanbul, Turkey. They are mostly sold in Europe and some in Asia. 80% of Masterwork output is Darbukas and less than 20% is cymbals.

Orient Cymbals[edit]

Orient cymbals is a corporation of Masterwork cymbals. Orient cymbals was created ship OEM TRX and other cymbals within European territories. Partners Yucel and Cetin operate Orient Cymbals from their Taksim area retail store called Masterwork Music Distribution. Masterwork also sells their own brands of string instruments, etc.

Samsun Cymbals[edit]

Samsun Cymbals has been found by Mustafa Diril in 2006. Mustafa Diril started his apprenticeship at the young age of 17 at Istanbul Cymbals in 1988, where he learned the art of manufacturing cymbals from his foremen Mehmet Tamdeger and Agop Tomurcuk right down to the last detail. Then, in 1999, he made the decision to return to his hometown Samsun and to establish his own cymbal manufacture together with his cousins. Here, he significantly contributed to the development and the production of famous product lines for two of the leading and most popular cymbal brands in the world. In 2006, he founded his own cymbal brand Samsun Cymbals and started with only three employees in a very small manufacture to produce high-class, handmade cymbals.

Saluda cymbals[edit]

Saluda Cymbals make cymbals from a B20 High grade alloy, and offer a wide range of custom accommodations through many series of cymbals, such as the Mist X series (most easily compared to the Zildjian A customs), Earthworks, Diamonds, Decadence, Glory, Tesla, Voodoo, Symbolic series, Nemesis, and Black Mist (Onyx). These are high level cymbals that they can make to meet exact specifications in sound and design.

Saluda's main operations are at 2651-B Shop Road in Columbia, South Carolina – anyone can stop by and watch them hand hammer, lathe and their other hand crafting techniques. They have a second cymbal shop around the corner from the main shop off Shop Road. Saluda's drum crafting shop is located in Orangeburg, South Carolina (45 minutes from the Columbia shop).

As of 2008, Saluda has a cymbal foundry that is either located in the second cymbal shop around the corner or in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Soultone cymbals[edit]

Originally founded in 2003 by the drummer and percussionist, Iki Levy, Soultone Cymbals are designed to be as versatile as possible. Their headquarters are located in Encino, California, but all their cymbals and made and hand-hammered in Turkey. Soultone currently has 20 lines of cymbals: Custom Series, Custom Brilliant Series, Custom Brilliant RA Series, Extreme Series, Extreme Brilliant Series, Gospel Series, Vintage Series, Vintage Old School Series, Vintage Old School 1964, Latin Series, FXO Series, Heavy Hammered Series, Light Hammered Series, Natural Series, JG Series, MA Series, Tato Series, Sunburst Series, Octagon Series and Bells. Extensive custom ordering and personalising of cymbals is possible.

Symrna Cymbals[edit]

Symrna Cymbals is a unique Turkish Cymbal company established in 2008 in Istanbul. What makes Symrna Cymbals different from the other Turkish brands is that they warranty all the cymbals to carry the same sound and standard in its own series. Also the Owner and master cymbal craftsman Güçlü LEON is a well-known drummer, so this plays a great role in manufacturing process of Symrna Cymbals. This is a gigantic leap to take quality control in hand and make the cymbals better. This would also help much to design new lines for drummers needs.

Modern times have changed the production process of these instruments and that manufacturers have abandoned some of the tried and true methods of traditional cymbal making. They as the cymbal company that always stay on their ground with the quality and knowledge of cymbal making to produce cymbals to fit every kind of musical genre by using the traditional methods of production. Now more and more companies are moving to mechanical means to lower operating costs and increase production, They on the other hand are staying into our roots unlike the others...

Turkish Cymbals[edit]

Turkish Cymbals is a Turkish manufacturer of hand-made cymbals. According to the manufacturer, their cymbals are either perfect or thrown onto the rubbish heap. There are no "factory seconds". They have Classic, Rock, Jazz and Custom lines of cymbals.

Wuhan cymbals[edit]

Wuhan is a brand of cymbal, specialising in mid-range B20 cymbals and china type cymbals of all alloys and types. Their headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Wuhan, China. They used to manufacture 'S' series, but now they stick to 'Traditional' series. They also make gongs and have done so for over 2000 years (according to their website). Also, according to Wuhan's website there cymbals are hand crafted from b20 alloy bronze.

Zanchi/Zanki cymbals[edit]

Main article: Zanchi (cymbals)

Zion Cymbals[edit]

Zion Cymbals is one of the newest and fastest growing cymbal companies within America in 2013. Their founders (Will Sanchez, Lydia Sanchez) have established a contract with a foundry in Istanbul, Turkey that is exclusive to Zion Cymbals. Their B20 formula and handcrafting methods are quickly setting them apart from the competition by establishing their sound as progressive and innovative, within a world that is saturated with competition. They have taken the traditional methods of Turkish cymbal crafting and have added a modern spin on their multiple series. They have launched in 2013 and have managed to acquire an artist roster of several Grammy nominated, world-renoun drummers. Zion Cymbals is quickly on the rise with vision, quality, and support.


Zyn cymbals were introduced by Premier in 1950. These budget instruments were made of nickel-silver alloy and supplied with Olympic drum kits.

The professional-grade Super Zyn range followed in 1951, constructed out of B20 alloy. According to Cymbals Today (a contemporary promotional material published by Premier), these instruments were endorsed by a number of professional jazz drummers, such as Ray Ellington and Eric Delaney.[8] Sizes available were 12 inches through 24 inches and in thin, medium-thin, medium or heavy weights.[9] Pairs of heavy cymbals were available in 14, 15 and 16 inch for orchestral application.

The 5 Star Super Zyn range was announced in 1968, replacing the Super Zyn as Premier's professional-grade cymbal. Like their predecessors, these cymbals were also made of B20 alloy. However, their build was thicker and heavier - similar to the heavy-weight Super Zyns - reflecting contemporary trends in popular music, where denser cymbals were required to meet the increasing volume of amplified instruments. The range began with a 12 inch cymbal, while hi-hats could be specified in 13, 14 or 15 inch pairs. 16, 18, 20 and 22 inch cymbals were all available as a ride, crash, or crash-ride. 'Sizzle' cymbals (fitted with rivets) could be ordered in 18 and 20 inch sizes. Orchestral cymbals were available in 14, 15 and 16 inch pairs.

There was also a budget alternative to the 5 Star Super Zyn, called the 2 Star Super Zyn.

Production of all Zyn types concluded in 1984, replaced by Premier's expanding distribution of Zildjian cymbals. However, the name was reintroduced by Premier in 2006; the new Zyn was machine-hammered B20 alloy, while the new Super Zyn was combination hand and machine-hammered B20 alloy.[10] The revival was brief and the cymbals no longer remain in production.

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