Waiting for the Punchline

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Waiting for the Punchline
Studio album by Extreme
Released January 19, 1995 (1995-01-19)
Recorded 1994
Genre Hard Rock,[1] funk metal,[2] alternative rock, grunge[3]
Length 65.35
Label A&M
Producer Nuno Bettencourt, Bob St. John
Extreme chronology
III Sides to Every Story
Waiting for the Punchline
Saudades de Rock
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars [4]
The Daily Vault B− [5]
Entertainment Weekly B− [6]
Q 3/5 stars [7]

Waiting for the Punchline is Extreme's fourth album, which was released in 1995. It is known by fans as a distinctively raw sounding record - especially when compared to the big production of the two previous albums - with a significant influence from grunge and alternative rock, while still showcasing guitarist Nuno Bettencourt's talents. Due to its lyrics focused heavily on social matters (ranging from religion to fame) it is often cited as a concept album.[8] It is also the only Extreme record to feature drummer Mike Mangini (on 3 tracks). After the album's tour, the band subsequently disbanded in 1996 when Bettencourt informed Extreme that he was leaving the band to pursue a solo career. After the breakup, singer Gary Cherone also joined Van Halen in the same year as their new singer, but left three years later.


Extreme's previous two albums had contained sequential numbers. Their first album was self-titled, the full title of their second album was Extreme II: Pornograffitti and the third album was called III Sides to Every Story. This practice was seemingly abandoned with the fourth album, but 'for' in 'Waiting for the Punchline' could be interpreted as a pun on 'four'.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Gary Cherone & Nuno Bettencourt, except "There Is No God", "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" and "Naked" by Gary Cherone, Nuno Bettencourt & Pat Badger.

  1. "There is No God" - 6:07
  2. "Cynical" - 4:41 *
  3. "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" - 6:25
  4. "Hip Today" - 4:42
  5. "Naked" - 5:46
  6. "Midnight Express" - 3:58
  7. "Leave Me Alone" - 4:47
  8. "No Respect" - 3:51
  9. "Evilangelist" - 4:49
  10. "Shadow Boxing" - 4:34
  11. "Unconditionally" - 5:01
  12. "Fair-Weather Faith" - 4:49 **
  13. "Waiting for the Punchline" - 6:00 ***

* Listed as "Cynical F**k" (official title) in the album liner notes only.

** Not included on US edition.

*** Hidden track. It follows after several seconds of silence.


Chart information[edit]

Year Album / Single Peak Chart Positions
Billboard 200 UK Albums Chart US Mainstream Rock US Modern Rock
1995 Waiting For The Punchline #40 [9] - - -
"Hip Today" - - #26 [10] -

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