Cypher Zero

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Cypher Zero
Carnivale web.jpg
Cypher Zero performing with FireFly Aerial Acrobatics in North Carolina, 2006.
Residence New York City
Nationality United States
Occupation [General Manager], New York Circus Works
New York Circus Arts

Cypher Zero is an entertainer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Zero began his career as a performer in 1995.


Founding New York Circus Arts[edit]

After several years of coaching and directing professional artists and shows, Cypher met a blogger at a party in New York City who convinced him to coach her as a recreational student.[citation needed] His experiences with coaching recreational students lead Cypher to develop a new, accessible method for teaching professional quality circus skills to students of varying backgrounds, and eventually founding the New York Circus Arts Academy.

In May 2008, the New York Circus Arts Academy acquired the assets of Cypher's previous company, FireFly Aerial Acrobatics. The merged companies retained the name New York Circus Arts.

Retirement from performing[edit]

In March 2008, after performing for 10 years, Cypher announced his retirement to the cast of Takura, a Contemporary Circus Faerie Tale, before the final performance of the run. Cypher explained that he wanted to spend more time developing a national circus training system in the United States, and creating new shows for New York Circus Arts.

Origin of name[edit]

Although he performed under the name Cypher Zero as early as 1995, it was not a legal name until 1998. The exact origin of the name "Cypher Zero" is not confirmed. Cypher, on several occasions, attributed it to an epiphany he had while researching the history of number systems at Villanova University.[citation needed]

Awards and honors[edit]

  • 2009 - Honolulu International Film Festival Aloha Accolade Award, as Executive Producer of The Making of Takura, a Contemporary Circus Faerie Tale.
  • 2008 - Studio 42 Artistic Achievement Award, as founder of New York Circus Arts.
  • 2005 - Nominated for a New York Innovative Theater Award for Ellen Stewart's play Perseus at La MaMa, E.T.C., Honoree for Outstanding Choreography/Movement.[1] To this day Mr. Zero is the only choreography Honoree nominated for aerial choreography.