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The Cyprus Mathematical Olympiad (Greek: Κυπριακή Μαθηματική Ολυμπιάδα; CMO) is a Cyprus mathematics competition for students in every grade, organized by the Cyprus Mathematical Society. There is one set of problems for every grade in primary school (Dhitmotiko): 4th, 5th and 6th, another set for junior high-school (gymnasium) and another for high-school (Lyceum).


Students must answer 30 multiple choice mathematics problems. Each correct answer gives 4 points, each wrong answer subtracts 1 point and no answer gives no points (but no points are lost). Each set of problems is rewarded separately. The results are not announced except for the top 6/100 contestants of each set of problems, and they are rewarded in the ratio 1:2:3 for gold, silver and bronze metal respectively.

This means:

  • Gold medals will be awarded to the top 1/100 of the contestants.
  • Silver medals will be awarded to the next 2/100.
  • Bronze medals will be awarded to the next 3/100.

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