Cyprus Turkish Airlines

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Cyprus Turkish Airlines
Kıbrıs Türk Hava Yolları
Cyprus Turkish Airlines logo.gif
Founded 1974
Commenced operations 1975
Ceased operations 21 June 2010
Hubs Ercan International Airport
Fleet size 7
Destinations 18
Headquarters North Nicosia, Northern Cyprus
Key people Bilal EKŞİ
A KTHY Boeing 737-800 at Antalya Airport, Turkey, wearing 2000–2009 livery. (2005)

Cyprus Turkish Airlines Limited (Turkish: Kıbrıs Türk Hava Yolları Ltd. Şti. (KTHY)) was a Turkish Cypriot airline that served as the flag carrier for Northern Cyprus, and was based in the Turkish sector of Nicosia.[1] Cyprus Turkish Airlines was also the main airline that flew passengers to Northern Cyprus until its collapse in June 2010.

Scheduled flights were operated from Ercan, Northern Cyprus to several cities in Turkey, the United Kingdom and Western / Northern Europe.

KTHY had its main base at Ercan Airport situated near Nicosia.[2]

The airline was de jure registered as a Turkish company in Istanbul.[3] Day-to-day operations were run from Ercan. All services to Europe had to make a stop at a city in mainland Turkey.


Cyprus Turkish Airlines was established on 4 December 1974 in Nicosia with shares equally divided between THY and the Cash Development of the Consolidated Fund of the Assembly of the Turkish Cypriot Community (Konsolide Fonu Inkisaf Sandigi). The first scheduled flight was operated on the 3 February 1975.

In 2005 the Turkish government sold its shareholding to Ada Havayollari.[4]

To avoid bankruptcy due to a $100 million debt, the management had decided to sell the company in June 2010. After the end of the bidding period, the Turkish carrier Atlasjet was the only bidder.[5]

On 21 June 2010, the airline announced via their website that they had ceased all operations until further notice and eight days later, on 29 June 2010 it was announced that the airline had gone out of business.


A KTHY Boeing 737-800 takes off from London Heathrow Airport, England. (2007)
Year Events
1975 The first scheduled flight was operated on 3 February 1975
1976 Aircraft of types included DC-9, Boeing 727-200 and Boeing 707(720) first on a lease basis
1976 Sales office opened in Kyrenia
1977 KTHY is registered as a Turkish company in Istanbul, Turkey [6]
1981 Launch of scheduled flights to London (UK)
1990 2 Boeing 727-200 purchased
1991 Ground operations staff and cockpit / cabin crew employed
2000 2 Boeing 737-800's were long term leased
2002 All 4 Boeing 727-200's, upon completion of technical flight hours, grounded and sold
2004 3 Airbus A321-200's were long term leased.[7]
2004 Caretta in-flight magazine re-introduced
2006 ISO 9001-2000 Quality Control System certificate obtained in April
2006 DCS system introduced and used for the first time at Ercan International Airport
2006 Ground services in airports of Turkey passed on to "HAVAŞ" in December
2007 "Cyprus Airport Services" were formed after KTHY's partnership with "HAVAŞ"
2008 First the time in the history of KTHY, employment of male cabin staff
2008 Protocol signed with DETUR for flights to Sweden, Norway and Finland
2009 First flight to Scandinavia scheduled for 7 February 2009 to Helsinki
2009 Charter flights planned to operate to Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Hungary
2009 Delivery of an Airbus A320-200
2009 They announce they will be extending their fleet to 12 aircraft by 2012
2010 Operations are ceased on 21 June
2010 Declared Bankruptcy on 19 September



A Cyprus Turkish Airlines Airbus A321, named "Iskele", taking off from Manchester Airport, England. (2009)

The Cyprus Turkish Airlines fleet consisted of the following aircraft (at 13 March 2010):[8]

Aircraft Total Passengers Notes
Airbus A320-232 1 180 Operated by Turkuaz Airlines
Airbus A321-211 2 209 1 operated by AtlasJet
Boeing 737-800 4 177
Total 7
  • Most of the KTHY fleet spent the night at Ercan, however sometimes some of the planes spent the night at a Turkish Airport.

The Cyprus Observer revealed that KTHY (Cyprus Turkish Airlines) planned to extend their fleet to 12 aircraft which would have been in service by 2012 and all would have worn the airlines updated livery.

The Cyprus Turkish Airlines average fleet age was 6.5 years (at 14 March 2010).[9]

Former Fleet[edit]


Travel Classes[edit]

KTHY Only offered 2 classes:

  • Economy

This class was offered on all of the new aircraft. Full meal or snack service was provided in Economy Class free of charge. However in-flight entertainment programmes were not offered.

  • Economy Plus

This class had been newly introduced by KTHY (Cyprus Turkish Airlines) after years of cancelling their Business and First class services caused by the grounding of Airbus A310 and Boeing 727 aircraft.

Cabin Crew[edit]

Since the formation of KTHY (Cyprus Turkish Airlines), all flight attendants had been female. It was announced on the website by KTHY that, from the beginning of July 2008 at the start of the summer schedule season, male flight attendants would join as cabin crew members.

Express Check In[edit]

The airline introduced an Express Check-in in early 2008 at the KTHY base airport of Ercan (Northern Cyprus). Passengers with only hand baggage could make use of this service. There were separate express check-in counters for passengers with only hand baggage and those without any baggage.

Frequent Flyer Programme[edit]

The airline had a "Special Passenger Programme for Frequent Flyers..." for those who flew with KTHY frequently. The benefits of this programme were a priority seat reservations, no waiting at check-in, extra baggage allowance and the ability to gain points towards free travel.[11]

Caretta Magazine[edit]

The in-flight magazine was produced once a month for KTHY, and was normally placed in the seat pocket. Caretta normally gave information about the culture of Northern Cyprus and the places you could visit. Also featured was information about upcoming events in Northern Cyprus etc. The magazine was available on their website.

Incidents and Accidents[edit]

  • On 30 March 1998, Mehmet Ertürk hijacked a KTHY plane. He was carrying a lighter with the appearance of a hand grenade. The plane was on its way from Ercan to Ankara, the plane landed safely in Ankara and the hijacker was arrested.

Industrial Action[edit]

  • The staff of CTA staged a 6 hour wildcat strike on 7 April 2010 starting at 6am, and grounding all planes. Travellers to and from the TRNC were severely inconvenience and distressed. Communication from the airline to travelers about the delays was poor.

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