Czech Republic–Pakistan relations

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Czech–Pakistani relations
Map indicating locations of Czech Republic and Pakistan

Czech Republic


Czech Republic–Pakistan relations are bilateral relations between Pakistan and the Czech Republic. Diplomatic relations were formally established in 1950. Pakistan has an embassy in Prague [1] and Czech Republic has an embassy in Islamabad.[2]

Bilateral Trade[edit]

Bilateral annual trade between the two countries is around US$100 million. Czech major imports from Pakistan include textile and leather, whereas Pakistan main imports from Czech Republic include machinery, paper & paperboard and electrical and electronic equipment. Czech Republic has made investment in medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and textiles in Pakistan.[3]

Defense cooperation[edit]

Pakistan and Czech Republic have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to increase military and defence cooperation between the two countries. Pakistan Minister for Defence Production, Abdul Qayyum Jatoi and Czech Republic visiting Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister of Czech Republic Martin Bartak put signatures on the MoU on behalf of their countries.[4]

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