Dündar Taşer

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Dündar Taşer
Born Dündar Taşer
Died June 13, 1972(1972-06-13)
Cause of death
Car accident
Nationality Turkish
Ethnicity Turkish
Occupation Soldier
Employer Turkish Army
Known for Nationalist activist
Political party
Nationalist Movement Party

Dündar Taşer (1925 – June 13, 1972) was a Turkish soldier and politician who was a leading figure in Turkish nationalism.

He was born in Gaziantep to a traditionalist family and underwent training to become an officer in the Turkish Army, eventually reaching the rank of Major. A supporter of the conservative elements in the army, he took part in the coup d'état of Cemal Gürsel on 27 May 1960, although he was sent to Switzerland to serve as a military attache in the Turkish embassy in Zürich.[1]

Forced to retire from the army, he entered politics along with his close associate Alparslan Türkeş by joining Cumhuriyetçi Köylü Millet Partisi (which was later renamed the Nationalist Movement Party). A strong advocate of Pan-Turkism, he established a camp to train North Cypriot guerillas in 1968.[2]

He died in a road accident in 1972.[1] Following his death his friend, the historian Ziya Nur Aksun, collected many of his words and published them.[3]