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This article is about a Turkish wrap. For the breed of wheat, see durum.
Döner kebab as dürüm

A dürüm (Turkish: dürüm, "roll") is a wrap that is filled with typical döner kebab ingredients. The wrap is made from Armenian lavash or Turkish yufka in flatbread.

Regional variations[edit]

  • In Belgium, it is filled with meat, and sometimes also fries and salad, topped by one of the typical Belgian sauces. Many types of fried meat, including traditional Belgian (i.e. not only Turkish) fast food is often also put in a dürüm. Alternatively, the same ensemble can be put in a mitraillette.
  • In Israel, it is a popular type of fast food. The wrap itself is called the Lafah, and with the meat wrapped up in it, it is called a Shawarma.