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Ruins of the «Red House» of Tell Sheikh Hamad exposed by excavations 6th Century CE

Tell Sheikh Hamad (Arabic: تل الشيخ حمد) is an archeological site in western Syria on the lower Khabur River.[1] It is the site of the ancient Assyrian city of Dūr-Katlimmu, which bore the Aramaic name Magdalu after the fall of the Assyrian Empire (7C BCE).[2] The town may have been founded during the reign of Shalmaneser I and the name Dur-Katlimmu may refer to the limmu (an appointed royal official) Ina-Aššur-šuma-asbat son of Aššur-nadin-šume.

Excavations have recovered 550 cuneiform Akkadian and 40 Aramaic texts belonging to a senior guard of Ashurbanipal.


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Coordinates: 35°38′36″N 40°44′25″E / 35.64333°N 40.74028°E / 35.64333; 40.74028