D'Estrees Bay

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D'Estrees Bay
D'Estrees Bay is located in South Australia
D'Estrees Bay
D'Estrees Bay
Location in South Australia
Location Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Coordinates 35°56′55″S 137°34′45″E / 35.94861°S 137.57917°E / -35.94861; 137.57917Coordinates: 35°56′55″S 137°34′45″E / 35.94861°S 137.57917°E / -35.94861; 137.57917[1]
Type Bay
Basin countries Australia

The D'Estrees Bay is located on the southern coast of Kangaroo Island, South Australia, and is situated 39 kilometres (24 mi) south of Kingscote, the Island's main town.

D'Estrees Bay is one of many places on Kangaroo Island named by the French explorer Nicolas Baudin.

The bay extends from Point Tinline in the south west to Point Reynolds in the north east, with the beach being sandy and accessible for most of the bay's length.

The northern area of the bay has been subdivided into several allotments of 8 hectares (20 acres) each, many with a frontage to the bay, and accessed by a private road (available for public use). There is a small number of permanent and holiday homes in the area, which has no shopping facilities. There is no mains water, and limited mains electricity availability has led to some dwellings being erected with solar generated electricity.

The land at the bay's south west end is currently part of the Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park.