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D-Trash Records
Founded 1998
Founder Schizoid
Brodie b57
Zak Roberts
Distributor(s) Artoffact Records (North America), PlanetWorks (Europe/World)
Genre Digital Hardcore
Industrial metal
Country of origin  Canada
Official website dtrashrecords.com

Formed in 1998, Canada's D-Trash Records started as an online collective by members of Cpuwar and DJ Rabies as the beginnings of an international network of electronic music artists.

In 2000, the group formed into an official record label, headed by D-Trash artist Schizoid, the label now releasing professionally pressed CD releases for sale in stores; as well, continuing the practice of putting full-length albums online for free MP3 download, along with full artwork.[1]

The label's material was picked up for a North American distribution deal with infamous German label Digital Hardcore Recordings, with many D-Trash artists also appearing on the 3xCD DHR compilation "Don't Fuck With Us". Many artists recording for D-Trash Records have some kind of tie to the Digital Hardcore style of music, known for its extreme combinations of electronic, punk, metal and noise music elements, and the label has become known for its championing of the genre.[2] Some artists have released on D-Trash Records after releasing on DHR, such as Panic DHH, Fidel Villeneuve (aka The Bureau De Change), and Heartworm.

The record label has received regular airplay on Canada's national radio network, The CBC, which broadcasts Brave New Waves, an eclectic mix of experimental material - In 2005 and 2006, D-Trash Records music and interview material were featured as the main artists of an episode; as well, BNW asked labelhead Schizoid to perform at their 20-year anniversary live celebration, and later broadcast this set. The band has received acclaimed reviews from mainstream and independent music magazines such as Kerrang, Rock Sound, Terrorizer, The Wire.

In 2008, the D-Trash released "DTRASH100: D-Trash Records' Music Videos", the first DVD for the label, celebrating its 100th release milestone and its 10th year of operations. The label's office is located in Toronto, Canada.[3]

Recent bands signed and released on D-Trash Records include: Schizoid, 64Revolt, The Art Of Seppuku, Babylon Disco, Boy+Girl, BlipVert, Candiru, Contra, DexAndTheCity, Digital By Birth, DK Dance, DDT, Drugzilla, Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra, Faux Pride, Feuh!, The First Seed, The Gigglin Dildas, Grrzzz, Hansel, Himiko, Hyperdriver, Jul!e D:Stroy, Junkie Kut, Knar, MataMachete, The M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab, Mind Disruption, Mr. Genetor, The Named, No Brigade, Not Half, Nwodtlem, Oxygenfad, Phallus Uber Alles, The Phoeron, Robot(A), Subvert Punx, Tuareg Geeks, VXXXK.

Other bands that have recorded for D-Trash Records include: Ambassador 21, All Out Assault, Asure, Avorza, Bastards United, B57 / CPUWar, The Bureau De Change, Celebrity Dead, Cloning Experiment Failure, Cutting Pink With Knives, CTRLer, DHC Meinhof, DJ Rabies, Emergency Instructions, Enapa, ENSC, Evestus, Exist, Extasick, F_Noise, Hatestar, Heartworm, Hercklekot, John Merrick's Project, Klubkuttaz, Megatron, noCore, Noize Punishment, Panic DHH, Permanent Frost, Princesse Rotative, Punish Yourself, Redlevel Terrorism, Refuzer, Refuzer Vs. Schizoid, Sangre, Renegade Android, Secret Life Of Teenage Girls, The Shizit, Stunt Rock, Unitus, Zymotic.

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